Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Does Walking Benefit You?

Walking has become a lost art. With today’s society full of the hustle and bustle our natural way of transportation has taken a back seat to automation. Health experts are encouraging us to get back to walking. In this article I will try to show and explain to you some of the benefits of walking.

Health Benefits

Cardio vascular workouts are great and walking is a great example of one. Walking actually protects your heart. There are so many other things that walking can do for you like aid in helping depression and lower back pain. It will increase muscle strength and improve coronary conditions. Walking helps to fight infection and hypertension. Of course it can also help maintain weight and it does wonders to maintain bone density. Flexibility and coordination don’t become factors in your health. Walking is really no different than other exercises. It adds more health to your everyday lifestyle.

Walking Can Benefit Your Social And Economic Life

In today’s society the average cost of running a vehicle for a full year is around 6000 dollars. Well guess what walking isn’t going to cost a red cent. When you’re walking you can go as fast or slow as you want. You can take time to interact with other people, have a look around at the beautiful scenery or just put your head phones on and listen to your music. Even though walking is a great exercise it can provide wonderful opportunities for relaxation.

Take Care Of Our Environment

Even though our vehicles have been cleaned up over the years and the emissions are way down per vehicle doesn’t mean the air is cleaner. Something you have to remember is that there are way more vehicles on the road today. Millions of barrels of oil are burnt daily around the world. Could you imagine what it would do to the environment if we committed to one hour less of driving per day and walked instead.

Even Transportation Would Be Less Of An Issue

By walking more we could reduce the congestion on our roads thus resulting in fewer accidents per year. Our roads wouldn’t take such a beating and have to be fixed as often. As a walker we take up almost no space and one thing’s for sure is that the cases of road rage will go way down.

I am not saying to give up driving all together but would walking a little more really do you any harm? Not only would you be doing well to yourself but to everything around you. We want this world to be a happy safe place for our grand children to live long after we are gone.

Dale Mazurek

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Do I Have Issues In The Bedroom?

At the end of the day you will never know honestly if your actions in the bedroom have been satisfying for your partner. What you want to do is make sure you are doing your best and in this article I intend to help you a bit with these issues.

The problem comes in the question. If you are asking it then there probably is a problem. What we don’t know is if the problem is actually with your performance in the bedroom or if you just have low self confidence. It is however important for you to find out where the problem is. One thing is that it’s very important to learn whether or not you are satisfying your partner. The bad part is that it’s very tough to know when a woman is faking in the bedroom. Even men who have lots of experience in the bedroom sometimes have trouble determining what women are doing.

Now we have to think about the shouldn’t of happened issues. Or maybe the time you were too tired or stressed out. Maybe you had too much to drink and guess what happened. Unfortunately its times like this that beats up on a man’s self confidence. There are good and bad times and there isn’t a lot you can do about it except go with the flow. Don’t worry about your slip up. Just because of a little slip up you shouldn’t throw yourself confidence out the window.

Many things are out of your control when they go wrong. Even though modern technology has been supposed to make life easier it has only made things tougher with higher demands thus resulting in higher stress issues. Many men have to rely on stimulants but would probably not need them if they could just settle down.

Stress doesn’t only affect sexual performance. It has other side effects that can be just as bad. Some guys turn to drinking to bury their stress issues. It always starts out just as a couple of drinks with the guys and then it turns to entire nights out. Now with the significant amount of alcohol there is no way his performance could be anything except dreadful. It’s so important to recognize the signs of stress early so you can take steps to avoid it.

If you start questioning your performance than things could get bad. You could slide into a place that triggers self esteem. No matter what you have to stay on the positive side of things. There’s a good chance you are stressed or over worked. Maybe you have to change things up a bit in the bedroom. Remember every problem has an answer so just look around and I’m sure you will find it.

Dale Mazurek

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Casual Can Be Great

Casual sex for the right people can be a great sensation. It is important to know that casual sex has to be agreed upon by both parties and protecting your self from STDs is also very important.

For many guys finding a girl that’s into casual sex is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For a lot of people finding a sex partner with no strings attached is the best thing that could happen. Now remember in this article we are dealing only with casual sex. So in this article we will help you find partners for casual sex. First of all if you are lucky enough to find a girl like this you absolutely don’t want to talk about marriage or go over board talking about how good the sex was.

After sex you should act like you enjoyed her company but don’t fall for her. At least don’t let her know if you have. Never buy her anything. Roses will make her think you want more than just sex. You should be nice but don’t spend money.

Don’t fall into any traps. If she starts hinting at a relationship and you don’t want this then get away fast. You have to consider emotional responses to casual sex. If you don’t want to get into a relationship that’s fine but remember there is another person involved here. So just because your getting sex, if she starts getting too clingy you have to get out before you hurt anyone

Always be on the look out for new casual sex partners. This gives you choices when you decide the time is right. This way if you get turned down somewhere else don’t get mad just get on the phone to one of the casual ladies you have met.

There are many problems that can occur with casual sex. STDs being one of the biggest. You have to always be careful and always wearing a condom is a must. You should get checked by your doctor more often. It’s just not right to spread disease to others because you certainly wouldn’t want it to happen to you. So please be careful.

Another thing to consider is that sex can result in pregnancy. If you’re going to engage in casual sex then you should be prepared to be a father. That’s right there is a good chance you will get some one pregnant.

So in conclusion I would say that casual sex really isn’t good for anyone. I also know that it will never stop. So if you must engage in this then just remember there are two people involved. Also go to great lengths to protect your self from unwanted diseases and pregnancies. One last thing I would like to remind you of is that there is no better feeling than waking up to someone beside you in the morning that you know loves you and you love them.

Dale Mazurek

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bad Food, What Is It?

In today’s day and age with the hustle and bustle and no time for anything you do have to be smart and start eating smarter. In this article I hope to be able to inform at least some people on the hazards of bad food and the importance of eating smarter.

50% of all men will die from heart disease. If that alone isn’t enough to scare you then I don’t know what it is. You have to be very careful, it’s so important that you watch what you eat. It doesn’t matter if you’re a body builder or a secretary you have to be totally concerned with your health.

Crisco or other shortenings instead of lard isn’t a good idea. Use the lard if you’re baking a pie crust or something like that. In all actuality the lard is better for you. At least the lard is natural and not some processed product that will last forever. There isn’t much to say about deep fried foods except that they are really no good for you and you should definitely stay away from them.

Whole wheat flour is way better for you than the refined white stuff that you buy at the grocery store. The white stuff has been bleached with all the healthy stuff removed from it. You might think that tastes will be affected and for the most part you are right because when you get used to it the whole wheat will actually taste better.

Okay now comes the white rice. Whether you like it or not this rice is just not good for you. Actually no rice is good for you but if you absolutely need to eat rice then you should get used to the brown rice.

Need I say much about sugar? I know it’s impossible to cut all sugar out of your diet but its definitely not impossible to cut back. Fructose is a building block for cholesterol. You should keep that in mind when reaching for your next can of soda.

Canned soups are full of salt. Your heart really doesn’t like that much salt. If you must buy canned soup then make sure you buy the low salt ones. Even better would be going to your local deli and having a home made bowl of soup. This bowl is likely to have very little salt.

There are many other foods that are no good for you. I could list them on more and more pages. At some point common sense has to come into play. Were not dummies and we know when the food isn’t good for us. So go ahead and enjoy what you eat but be careful.

Dale Mazurek

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