Monday, February 25, 2008

Too close for comfort?

Well we know that Dogs are supposed to be Man's best friend but hey don't you think that we are biting the biscuit when we are beginning to give more priorities and rights to dogs than to our fellow human beings?
Women sometime prefer the company of dogs to Men and men
treat dogs sometimes better than they do women. The dogs are given visas to live in the U.S as pedendents but Immigrants are treated like second rate humnas..Where are we heading to as the Human Race I wonder.
I think somewhere we have our priorities wrong..and what about the rights of children? So many now are denied parents all over the Globe because of vested interests and the anachronistic Gun Machine. If you want to give a dog a bone fine..but giving it at the cost of another human life is a sacrilage.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Student Loan Directory.

When wanting to undertake studies looking for the best student loans can be a bit of a daunting exercise in itself to say the least. Now in the comfort of your own home and at the click of a mouse you can now gain access to a great source in the category and a knowledge base that will ground you and assist you into making the most well informed decision on the subject.
It is a good to opt for an online student loan consolidation great advisory service that you can browse through when it is convenient for yourself in a relaxed atomosphere.
How can a student loan consolidation program help you in your financial planning? For on thing it will help you put all your eggs in one basket so to speak and ease a lot of the pressure that you are under as you can then have more time to devote wither to your studies or whatever other occupation you need to be getting on with. Instead of panicking every month and being overwhelmed with different bills every month coming from several loans, you can have arranged only one single monthly payment with one interest rate so you are less confused, pay less in the long run and also have less paperwork to deal with. Other benefits that come with loan consolidation are that you have more choices such as deferring your loan or changing the payment structures to best suit your needs at the current time. In other words you have far more control over your finances than with having to deal with several different companies with the original loan rates which as you know would be much higher than what you would get through a debt consolidation porogram.
Another way to get all your loans into one basket is to take out a Federal student loan which is like taking out a brand new loan to pay off all the old ones. This also works greatly to your advantage and of course, as with the debt consolidation program, will save you many dollars in the long term, money that you can spend in other areas of your life or career, as you please. The added bonuses of getting a federal loan is that you can lengthen the repayments to suit you so thus making it far easier and convenient for yourself and it is also a way to score browny points on your credit rating, which will also help you in the long term as your credit score improves.
Private student loans work in a similar way to federal ones, with a major difference being that although federal loans are backed and guaranteed by the government, the private ones are not and are given based on the applicant's credit history and rating. So probably it is worth applying for a federal one first but all depending on how you score credit wise or how credit worthy you feel you are. If you have a credit score of 700 or above you can go for a private loan or have a guarantor co signer who will guarantee the loan for you if you have less than 700 points. That is also the option as long as your guarantor has the credit score of over 700 points respectively ofcourse.
To find out where you can apply for all these types of loans it is best to consult a solid and reputable student loan directory which can make searching for the right loan a much easier task as you do not want to deal with dodgy companies or scam sites that promise you the Earth but whose sole purpose is just to scam you and run off with your personal info etc. There are so many hints and tips on this great site we found for debt consolidation and you can even get intouch with the national debt helpline by phone if you need any more assisitance and someone to talk to on the other side of the phoneline.
Although the student loan directory is not the lender in itself what it actually is, is a gateway to many good and solid lenders with a great track record who are willing to assist you in reducing your debts with lower interest rates and better, far improved, methods of payments. If you can then release some of the money you are paying to these expensive lenders then you can move forward in your life at a faster rate than before thus enhancing both your earning abilities and your repayment schedules for the new loan format.
We all know that with so many things going on in our lives sometimes bills and loan payments can get out of control and we find ourselves going through financial constraints but as we know that there are solutions to these types of problems, we can now with the help of the student loan directory, fight them head on and get going to pay less, earn more and above all, what is most important, gain peace of mind which is utterly priuceless.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not taking one for granted.

We always tend to take the ones that are nearest and dearest to us for granted, more often than not and I always try to watch myself that I don't fall into that trap. It is very painful, as I have experienced it mostly in my life to see the ones around you always pulling you down and never pointing out your good points but always ready to criticise you or point the finger when you stuff up. So much so that I, even to this day,, have not much self confidence and walk around on eggshells, evne though it isn't so much apparent as it was when I was younger.
I urge any one reading this to think about this point very carefully because what it does to the other person that is never or rarely apprecuiated is soul destroying. It breaks the person's spirit and also makes them feel very isolated, unwanted and the confidence levels driop like a 100 year old needing viagra to put it mildly!
So after reading this, think about the person next to you that might need something like a kind word, an impromptu hug or just a little bit of pampering, before you come out with the next insult or debasing sentence to put that person down.

Free Dating coming your way.

How would you like to be one of the first to enrol on a free dating site which is currently in the Beta phase which gives you much much more than any free dating site out there on the Net?
Thanks to innovative ideas and the advance of technology you will enter a new realm of online dating that will be enhancing your quest for the perfect match.
Without costing you a penny, the services which will be provided for your benefit, will equal those of all the top notch paid sites but you will get them all for FREE! There will also be a host of add on features like invites to groups and creating interest groups which will really help to build up a great online community in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
This is going to work greatly to your advantage as you can get quality service at zero cost except your time perusing through the site. Dating on the Net will never be the same again as enters the Marketplace in full swing so why not sign up now and grab all these advantages while the iron is hot.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My modern day Chinese Hero..

Well here he is..the man of my dreams..We had to live Valentine's day apart, and the Chinese New Year apart, and our Birthdays..Well never mind, one day we will be together again and I will at least for now just have to admire his great spirit from afar.
He has some good videos that you can watch on Youtube and his user name is qiman, so it is well worth your time. Only can all the girls belonging to those xxx sites back off a bit lol because it really is not his cup of tea lol.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long distance relationships.

It's very hard to be in a long distance relationship for obvious reasons and one of the main attributes you have to aquire, along with patience and perseverence is trust. This can get a tad bit difficult though when you are so far away from each other and miles or an ocean split you in half. The fun side is though knowing that at least in this big wide world there is someone who is thinking of you, evne through the rough timese, even when they can't see your face or hold your hand. This in itself can be looked on as a great blessing and comfort and as I am experiencing my own long distance trauma I think of all of those couples that will be apart for this Valentine's day just like we are going to be and I hope they can drwaw a little comfort from this one simple thought.

Consolidate your debts now!

With more and more people getting into debt life can get really tough and the deeper we are drawn into this black whole the more stressful our lives become and then we find it quite hard to deal with. Now in the comfort of your own home and at the click of a mouse you are able to reduce these growing problems by looking carefully at debt consolidation services that are on offer to help you gain access to life changing solutions to your debt crisis.
Once looking at this avenue of help at hand you will be able to reduce up to 60% of your debts, eliminate climbing interest rates without having to take out any high interest loans from loan sharks that would make your life even more complicated. You can opt out for a debt consolidaion loan though which would bear a much lower rate of interest than what you are already paying and put all your existing debt into one simple basket which could help immensely.
Once you peruse through the site you can make a well informed decision as to what action you wish to take which will help stop all those threatening phone calls from bailiffs or collection letters that more often than not demand far more than what you have already agreed to borrow. Once you ask for the relative assistance and come under the protective wing of this debt settlement agency you will see how much your monthly payments will drop and far you will be in repaying your over grown debt.
There are many hints and tips and informative articles that will help you open your eyes to a new world of hope and will assist you in the process of understanding that you are not alone to cope with your burdens. There are articles on good debt and bad debt, how to improve your credit ratings and also how to get on with the process of eliminating negative debts.
There is a phone number you can also ring if you wish to obtain further information and quotes with great customer care waiting to serve your debt requirements and help you on your way to a better quality life.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Online casino.

If you enjoy to play at online casinos then you need to mkae sure you have found a safe and secure site to play the games. Now you can get a chance to win cash prizes and scoop big bonuses at a site called joyland casino.
This site has many benefits including s special get started guide along with a special deals area where you can peruse through the latest promotions.
You can download the games at casino joyland in several languages too and there is great customer support whenever you may need it. You will enoy playing with crisp graphics and detail to design as if you are in a real casino but with more benefits and in the comfort of your own home.

Get safe and secure now!

With identity theft, credit card fraud and internet crime on the rise we have to find the best and most effective way to preserve both our private data and our hard earned funds safe from the scammers, hackers and criminal gangs that abound and have infested our World. Now this is possible with advanced and sophisticated technology through a company called Lifelock that was voted America's no:! identity protection company and has been featured on Ntionakl television and CNN.
Now Lifelock can help protect your inboxes from phishing and scammers spam mails, send fraud alerts every time someone tries to use your credit and can give you free credit checks as and when you need them. There are a host of benefits one can attain especially if you sign up using the Lifelock promotion code which will save you money off your annual membership as well as give you another month's free idenitity protection. offers the best guarantee against the spammers and hackers and will help you to sleep with ease every night and not worry about your privacy being violated. There is an excellent ongoing support if you need it and it ensures the best protection the Industry has to offer at a great bargain price to boot.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year.

I wish everyone whe is reading this today a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR..XIN NIAN KUAI LE and wsh that all of those Lovely Chinese who have been stranded in the really bad weather in China get reunited with their families as soon as possible. I won't be celebrating it myself as I am far away from my Chinese Beloved who is quite distant from me at the moment anyway due to the distance, so he doesn't want to celebrate it at all with me as a punishment for being away lol. I do understand him, but it isn't all my fault..I wish I could be with him but circumstances don't allow me at the moment, so not only am I missing him but also I am kind of being punished for being away. So there, that is the reason I can't celebrate even though I tried my best to cheer him up and send him festive messages. I suppiose once a guoilao always a guoilao. I may never really be acceptedd into a Chinese family after all, despite that.I still want to wish every one a happy new year, my love doesn't change for him because of circumstance or weather..I hope he realizes that one day.

The top in GPS Tracking Systems.

All businesses want to be cost effective and run efficiently to survive and also flourish. If you are a truck or vehicle based companiy offering delivery services or have a high consumption of vehicles running for your concern then introducing the GPS Insight vehicle tracking system would be the wisest option in updating your business to the fore and helping it achieve better performance results.
This hardware gadget wich operates with its relative software components has the capability to report on speed violations, idle time, fuel consumption and all sorts of other information so you can keep a track and see which areas need improving on. By using sophisticated satelite systems and mobiles you can get accurate information on the wereabouts of each vehicle throughout any area of Canada and the United States.
The cost is very low and reasonable for any business and at only 1.5 usd to 2.00 usd per vehicle per day is well worth the investment.
With the standard Product come a host of benefits as a money back guarantee, same day shipping, the best mapping facilities and a thirty day free trial to list but a few. Once you become a valued customner you can also get lots of help through the GPS Insight support wiki for customers which was especially made up to give you a helping hand. If you need hands on phone support you can have access to that too as there is a twenty four hour support line open to clients that use the products. You can basically get in touch with an out of hours technician at any time of the day 365 days in the year!
Why not peruse at your leisure through the Blog for GPS vehicle tracking, you will be mesmerized at the useful hints and tips and informatiuon it is jam packed with and you will be given a thorough insight into the world of gps tracking systems. The blog can be used both as an educational tool but also it can indeed help you to make that well informed choice in choosing the right system for your business. There is a great deal to be said about organizing and streamlining a business in today's competitive markets, but with gps tracking you can gain the edge and run a business that is fast and efficient. You will be amazed at the great prices and quality of product, mot to mention the fantastic all round customer service.

Protect yourself today!

Now with the advent of high technological progress another menace has also emerged along side this Phenomenon in the form of credit card fraud, identity theft and internet crime. The amount of hackers and spammers working day and night to steal our personal data and our funds is quite alarming to say the least. Help to protect our identity and assets though is at hand in the form of a company called lifelock and if you peruse through Lifelock Reviews you will see just what this company has to offer.
The Lifelock promotional code unlocks all sorts of benefits like thirty days free protection and a whopping discount off the annual membership and in the Lifelock Review it has come up trumps in comparison to other site's offers in the Marketplace. You will have your identity guatanteed upto 1,000,000.00 usd and also will receive spam and phishing free mail from the moment you enrol in their program. You can browse at your lesiure through the Lifelock Review to see how it compares and what exactly it offers in comparison to its competitors and you will be able to make that well informed decision to lock up your identity away from the preying eyes of the criminal gangs that cruise the Internet and want to rob you of your money and privacy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Save your identity!

Now with the rise of credit card fraud, identity theft and other forms of internet crime people are getting worried about the event of getting their private data or money stolen by criminal gangs, hackers and scammers. Did you know that one in five families fall victim to identity theft? Now is the timrging menace and you can do that now with the help of a company called Debix. has teamed up together with Loudsiren to bring you the best that sophisticated technology and communication can bring you in the way of credit card protection and the safety of your private data. Now through a communications network you will be alerted for each and every transaction that wants to go through your credit and if it is a legitimate transaction you can just tap in a pin number and let it go through, but if it is a bogus transaction you can stop it immediately and alert the Authorities that can catch the criminal and also prevent the crime from taking place. This not only protects you the Consumer but it also helps the Shop owners and other businesses to save themselves a loss of income on their end, thus killing two birds with one stone.
With this rate of interference in our privacy and the diminishing of our online safey and security, we owe it to ourselves to get Debix identity protection fast so we can go about our business in a secure environment and stress free.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lock your identity!

Your personal details and your wallet are at high risk now with the onslought of scammers and hackers invading the Internet. High technology has helped these crimninals to gain more access to our personal data more than any other time in History. There is a way forward though through Lifelock Promotions which can assist you in protecting yourself from all these fraudsters. promo codes are the wya forward in alleviating you from all the spam and phishing maisl that plague your inboxes, from the threat of unknown sources trying to use your credit and all sorts of other online fraud ills.
You will also have a chance to get extra info on related hints and tips and you can also enter the identity theft quiz absolutely free just by logging onto the website at your leisure in the comfort of your own home. There are a host of other great benefits that you will gain by taking advantage of the Promotion Code such as one month's free protection and a discount off the annual membership among so many other things. There is great customer support and you can acheive locking up your identity and your wallet in a safe and secure online environment.

Online Pharmacy.

Now you can log online and at the click of a mouse and in the comfort of your own home order prescription drugs from online pharmacy 21 at great discounts and in a safe and secure online environment. There are always discounts and a variety of medicines to choose from. You can nbow purchase safe and good quality viagra from the viagra online pharmacy and other pills such as levitra and cialis fromn the cialis online pharmacy.
You will be well pleased with the customer service and you can opt for next day delivery straight to your door if you need your medicines urgenbtly. There is no waiting now in the Doctor's Surgery or getting wrestless in long queues. Now you can just order on the Net at your leisure without the need for a prescription.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Viagra Online Stories.

There are many myths and legends lol already surrounding the ways to buy viagra but it isn't at all funny when you are being sold the fake typw which has nasty side effects. This online guide to viagra, the benefits and pitfalls will assist you in your quest to sexual happiness but in a well informed and innovative way by a user that has both been conned with the wrong product and who has aslo benefited from the right one.
There are many facts and also viagra people's real life experiences which will be useful for the online readers. There are also useful articles on how viagra cures inpotence in men and helps them enjoy life long wellness with their Loved ones. This is a great read for the Viagra Novice and helps to dispell the myths surrounding it in a concise but entertaining format.

Business Loans.

All businesses need the help of cash injections in the time they exist and more often than not these come in the form of Business Loans. Now at the click of a mouse you can apply for a loan with easy online acces and in a safe and secure environnment. These Business Loans come unsecured which means you don't have to put up any security or collateral and they come with low interest rates too which are very competitive indeed.
You just need to own a viable business and have good credit and you are more than likely to be approved for one of these Business Loans. If you do get approved you will know within forty eight hours and it doesn't cost a penny to apply so you lose nothing but can gain much. All this can be doone in a safe and secure online envirnment for your benefit.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Save your Identity!

Now with new technological advances in the Modern Age the scammers and hackers are having a field day with our funds and I dentity. Well now we csn get both our funds and Identity protected through a company like Lifelock which offers great premium services like locking down your credit so no one can use it and saving your inboxes from the surge of phishing and spam mails that circulate on the Internet. also comes with a guarantee for your Identity of up to one million usd and alsdo takes pride in its great customer support. There is also the Lifelock Promotional code and if you take the advantage of signing up through it you can get 32 usd off the annual membership and one month's free protection? Now you can say good bye to the hackers and online scammers that want to take away your funds and rights to privacy.