Saturday, February 16, 2008

Not taking one for granted.

We always tend to take the ones that are nearest and dearest to us for granted, more often than not and I always try to watch myself that I don't fall into that trap. It is very painful, as I have experienced it mostly in my life to see the ones around you always pulling you down and never pointing out your good points but always ready to criticise you or point the finger when you stuff up. So much so that I, even to this day,, have not much self confidence and walk around on eggshells, evne though it isn't so much apparent as it was when I was younger.
I urge any one reading this to think about this point very carefully because what it does to the other person that is never or rarely apprecuiated is soul destroying. It breaks the person's spirit and also makes them feel very isolated, unwanted and the confidence levels driop like a 100 year old needing viagra to put it mildly!
So after reading this, think about the person next to you that might need something like a kind word, an impromptu hug or just a little bit of pampering, before you come out with the next insult or debasing sentence to put that person down.


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