Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where Are The Erogenous Zones?

There are very obvious ones and many mystery ones. I am going to try and identify both and give you some hints on how to use them. The female body is exactly like a work of art and then you mix mans curiosity in there then you have lots of factors into what drives men and women crazy with desire.

A mans body is pretty simple when it comes to erogenous zones. Man does have some hidden zones but for the most part any one can turn on a man and they know the exact places a man desires to be touched. Women are very different in this aspect. They have many more erogenous zones. Once a skilled lover finds these he can make the woman reach for the stars begging for more.

It’s easy to read articles like this and think you can find everything that turns a woman on. The misconception there is that every woman is different there fore they respond differently to different variations. It’s not always easy to find these zones on a woman.

1. The Feet

If you asked most people they would say that most erogenous zones on a woman would be found in the upper body. However one of the most erogenous zones on a woman is her feet. Women love to have their feet caressed and kissed. If you do this she will love you forever. Behind the knees is also a spot that can send your lover over the edge.

2. The Head

The head believe it or not has very many erogenous zones. The lips would come in first for being a very sensitive spot. Of course we all know what kissing the neck does. Ladies always like to hear you whisper beautiful things in her ears as you are nibbling on them.

3. The Buttocks

One of the hottest spots on a lady is her buttocks. Almost all women love to be touched on her buttocks while some even enjoy a little tap. And of course this is a good mix because there isn’t a guy out there who doesn’t like to caress a nice soft, round, firm butt.

4. The Breasts

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention breasts. Probably the most favorite spot for fondling men. We do however have to be careful. Once again all women are not alike and believe it or not there are women who are not turned on by breast action. Women can also be turned off if you are too anxious to get at their breasts.

5. The Clitoris

Of course the most erogenous spot on any women’s body is the clitoris. It is probably the biggest hot spot for erotic sensations. It is here that you can let your fingers and lips play as much as you like as long as your partner has no objections. It is important for a man to get to know this spot because it is usually the base to all good sexual relationships.

One thing we need to remember is that the erogenous zones are only one part to a good sexual relationship. They are simply used to increase a woman’s pleasure and passion. One thing that is usually bigger than this is everything that leads up to the erogenous zones. If your not a gentleman and go through the courting process properly then you wont even get to experience a women’s erogenous zones.

Dale Mazurek

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Visiting the Splendid Cities of Spain..

Visiting Spain's Cities, whether for short business trips or for longer touristic excursions can be a very exciting and beautiful experience. Barcelona and Madrid offer so many attractions for day or by night enjoyment. During the day one can make a visit to the numerous museums and art galleries while Barcelons boasts a coast line stretching over four kilometres proudly reclamed as one of the city's beauty spots.
For accomodation Hotels in Madrid boast elegance and comfort along with reasonable rates and ease of access whilst Hotels in Barcelona equally match the ones in Madrid and also bring relaxation at discounted prices with free extras always thrown in.
After experiencing the taste of the varied nightlife which includes live music bars, karaoke corners, restaurants brimming with exotic delicacies one would love to indulge in the knowledge that the the Hoteles en Barcelona can be accessed all year round and one may also find late minute bookings at great prices.
Both Madrid and Barcelona boast luxurious and exciting entertainment all year round coupled with accomodation at budget prices without compromising on quality.
Cultural diversity, ranging from Moorish overtones to Hispanic gothic parallels and a long history, running along side metropolitan modernity will make anyone's trip here a memory to last.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Makes A Great Lover?

Most men don’t have a clue as to what makes a great lover but one thing for sure is that they do want to be great lovers. In this article I hope to clear some things up on how to become a great lover.

Woman love to be able to tell their girlfriends great things about their lover after the first time. So what is it going to take for the girl to feel that way? The first thing and probably the most important is that woman like to be listened to. Communication is the key. Women are likely to feel a whole lot better if they know the man they are with is focusing on them. Women don’t feel like just another body if they know their date is paying attention to them.

Women know that a great lover is a man that truly likes woman.

If you want to get your woman in the mood then the thing to do is take it slow. Women like to be touched gently. They like to be kissed and touched very slowly. If you try to go straight to sex then chances are good that you’re going straight out the door. For the most part this as absolutely not the way to excite and stimulate woman.

A great lover knows pretty much everything about the female body. He will know that most woman love gentle bites on their neck and throat. He also knows that gentle hair pulling is quite a turn on for most women. He also pays attention to his mate during sex. He listens to the sounds of his lover or the sounds she doesn’t make.

A woman remembers her lover when he treats her like a real person. A lover who will talk to her after. The bad part is that most men don’t know how to communicate after the love making process.

So next time your on a date really try listening to her. Enjoy her smile. It’s so important to talk and get to know her. Don’t worry if the two of you are going to have sex or not but instead enjoy her company. Make sure you make all your moments together feel like special ones. If you do this you will make her feel special. In this manner she will want to spend time with you. These are the first important steps to becoming a great lover.

Dale Mazurek

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Massage As A Part Of Foreplay

We have talked about foreplay in the past and how important it is to great love making. What we are going to talk about in this article is how a sensual massage can be a great part of foreplay.

A romantic candle light dinner and a sensual massage. There really isn’t anything better than this combination. Here is a map of how things should progress. First the two of you should have your intimate dinner and then you should make your move. I absolutely do not mean going straight into intercourse. Surprise your girl with a massage. This will tell her that she’s driving you crazy and that you want to feel every part of her body. At this moment there is no time to think about any of your worries. You have to focus your time entirely on making your girl feel hot and sexy. A good massage isn’t something that happens quickly. It takes a good long time to make all of her most intimate places feel great. This isn’t a normal massage. This massage is meant to heighten all the senses and lead into true passionate love making.

Having a couple of romantic CDs to heighten the mood is a great idea. There are also many other supplies that you may need for a truly great massage. Candles, incense, massage oils, clean towels and clean sheets because the sheets are going to get messy with the oils. Start with a soft massage because the first key should be to help your lover relax and get into the right mood. What you want to do is tease her a bit by playing with her erogenous zones, but avoid her breasts and vagina. You want to go slow and focus on languid strokes while rubbing each other bodies together. It’s important to find a good rhythm and include all body parts.

Now you’re going to want to move right in but this could be your biggest mistake. You can’t move any faster than you have been and believe it or not you should ask permission to go any further. You might have made her feel so good that she may not want to go any further. If she does agree to go further then you can start massaging her private parts. Another great way to help in this is the use of toys if both of you are in agreement.

Dale Mazurek

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Covering Everyone.

Traveling in today's fast paced world can be extremely stressful and and if you have an ailment or two there are more parameters to consider. Finding adequate travel cover is usually frustrating for those with medical conditions, but note any more. Now you may travel with the knowledge that your medical condition can be assessed and approved and covered for the duration of your selected journey. Covering long haul and short term vacations, from low risk to high risk and hazardous persuits, you can be assured that you will find a cover tailured perfectly to suit your traveling endevours. Senior Senior citizens with ailments wishing to visit friends and family abroad may relax with the fact that they can now find the appropriate medical travel insurance to cover every aspect of their journey, irrespective of their condition up to the ripe age of 79 years young. With exceptional customer service and an array of policies you can travel in the knowledge that your journey will be covered in every way.

If you have family traveling what better gift than ensuring that all their health and safety requirements are covered by a reputable firm of high standing that can deliver the highest standard of travel insurance?

Cover for our seafaring Friends.

Going out to sea or on your river boator yacht can be a daunting enough experience in itself so having good insurance cover can take a heavy weight off your mind where safety is concerned.
By providing the best boat insurance covered by the most prestigious Lloyds Underwiters of London you can expect only an impeccable service for all your sailing needs.
Providing specialist knowlege in this field you can find the right cover for the right boat, be it dinghy, river or yacht, with experienced staff that will cater for every type of cover required. With online payment options, support and free quotations this negates any complicated stress and brings only ease of comfort to make your boating experience a joy and not a struggle. Most insurance policies are approved on the spot though in more complicated sircumstances you may have to wait 24 hours, all in all a great place to anchor your vessel and be free to enjoy the ultimate sailing experience.
So for peace of mind why not apply for your online quote today?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Perfect gift for Friends and Family.

We are often running out of ideas on what unique gift to purchase for a Friend or Loved one. Well now with the advent of LCD digital Frames, hunting around for that special present may not be as arduous as we think. Logging onto the internet in the comfort of our own homes we may order a digital photo frame ranging from seven to ten inches in size empowered with the latest digital technology to make our viewing experience more exciting than ever.
Digital frames that look sleak in any office or home with the touch of a button can bring before the viewer fond memories that remain as alive as the experience itself.
Reasonably priced to suit all price brackets, a digital picture frame can bring endless hours of viewing bliss in three easy stages. Firstly you take your pics, secondly you transfer your memory card onto your digital frame and finally you relax and with your remote control choose to view which ever photo slide show takes your fancy.
With worldwide shipping available and merchant services to boot, ordering your priceless gift is just a click away. Or even better still why not treat yourself to one instead?

Mastering the Art of Seduction.

From time immemorial men the world over have endeavoured to crack the code of the Mysterious art of seduction. Whether to wed or bed the most beautiful damsel of their dreams, pick up lines from The Pick Up Artist ranging from chavvy, corny, soppy or plain hard core have been aired in the realm of the female domain. Now this great Mystery has been aired on Prime TV to unravel the code that men have been longing to get their hands on! Combined in a mixture of Reality quiz and workshop for the uninitiated the Vh1 Pick Up Artist brings together an array of different males in competition mode strutting their stuff to get their trophy..Prize being girl, date and macho award ceremony. This is an eye opener for the girls too may I add as we can now gage to see how much is plain bs and how much truth lives behind the facade! Whatever it does for any one, it sure has made the guys happy as the reviews come pouring in that The Pick Up Artist has changed their lives forever.
Whatever one's opinion of the show or of the whole art of seduction as a faculty of life the Hunter gatherer instinct in Man and of winning his prize and Trophy hasn't evolved much in the last few thousand years. Only perhaps a few phrases would change as The Pick Up Artist pre historic would just grab the lady to his cave the post modern one would flash his mobile phone and mutter "DIGITS".

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Man Confidence

We know that women love their men strong and confident. They love a man that will embrace them and someone who can admit to his mistakes. This article is meant to make issues about men’s confidence a little clearer.

Confidence can only start with right attitude and positive thinking. You have to work on insecurities instead of letting them affect your everyday life. First and foremost you have to believe in yourself because how can you show confidence if you don’t have self belief.

Two many guys deal with what ifs. You can what if everything you do but living like that will just get you depressed. You have to watch your own confidence so if it’s lacking then you have to work on it.

First of all appearance does matter. That doesn’t mean you have to attain Hollywood looks to have confidence. Boyish good looks, magnetism, or big bulging muscles isn’t all it has to be. The important part is to look neat and tidy. Let your charm radiate from within. It really is the simple things that count. Make sure you open doors for girls, get a cab for her. You can be a knight in shining honor with out a white steed.

Another thing to remember is that girls like bad boys. I don’t mean bad boys through criminal behavior but more through mystery and excitement. These kinds of guys are just happy to be themselves. They don’t need approval to be liked. Bad boys exude confidence, individuality, and masculinity.

Guys without confidence are always looking for approval from women. They always act needy and desperate. Guys like this don’t have the confidence to build a relationship so they try and buy relationships with expensive gifts and taking the girls to classy restaurants. Well this might be nice it’s not what women are really looking for in a man.

Women just want a man that’s not scared to show his feelings or to share their feelings. She wants someone that will listen and someone who will give her a hug. Sex is important but any girl would put sex second if she has a strong guy who will be there for her

Dale Mazurek

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bloggers and Advertisers unite.

As the world is getting smaller it is getting easier and easier for companies to reach customers worldwide through many means of communication. An extremely effective way to reach a wider audience for advertisers is to promote their products and services through blogger's sites.
Blog advertising has become huge as bloggers are also looking to get paid to blog. To advertise on blogs is both beneficial for blogger and advertiser alike and a Blog advertising company that can merge both groups together is providing a great service to the online community as a whole. For those who wish to blog for money, they receive remuneration weekly for writing reviews about companies that they host on their blogs and advertisers receive more exposure and hits to their sites, which in turn can generate a greater income for their ventures. But not only do advertisers gain more traffic, they also will see an increase in their search engine rankings, which in turn will build up their credibility online. Blog advertising also can increase awareness in the community of the various ways one may earn a profit through blogging and also expose one's business to more viewers. This carries a guaranteed success for bloggers, advertisers and blogvertising companies that link bloggers and advertisers together, making online business both functional and fun.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Creating your online shop with ease..

We all know how daunting it is to venture into any new project, let alone the challenge of operationg an online shop which is both pleasing to the eye, innovative in design and wrapped up in the latest technological services which one would want to provide to future customers.
Ecommerce software can take the H out of Hassle through a single click. Having a shopping cart online and ready to go with the latest ecommerce software technology can propel any online business to greater success and popularity, which in turn could increase turnover plentifold. Visiting your site enhanced with the latest shopping cart software will make maintaining your site a breeze and will give you more time to market your products as using this ecommerce software is both simple and effective to use.
A shopping cart is a must for today's online shopping experience and you may create a site that just fits your needs and budget to suit.
So why not consider and take advantage of award winning shopping cart software and make your site shine on the internet for all to see, complete with shopping cart interface and the array of full merchant services.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Love And Its Sparks

So many people have so much in their lives but they are missing that one important part in their lives. In this article I will attempt to help you realise just how important love is in your life.
Your bank account is full of cash, you have job security, you have a great reputation, you own your own home, and your health is as great as it can be but still there is something missing in your life that’s keeping you from being happy. You haven’t found someone to love. You now realize that life without love is like your missing a part of your soul.
You have to realize that love is meant to be for life. Love isn’t days, weeks, months or even years but it should be forever. You have to learn how to keep the sparks going in a relationship in order to keep the relationship bright forever.
The short term relationships that we all encounter at one point or another are absolutely useless to our bodies and souls. You will never be happy with the short relationships. A long healthy relationship will keep your soul healthy, happy and joyful.
It is very easy to fall in love but very difficult to keep the sparks burning in that relationship. So before you commit to a long term relationship make sure your partner is as serious as you are. If your partner isn’t serious than the relationship can turn miserable in a hurry so you should get rid of that person and continue looking.
Too many people put their careers in front of their relationships and this is the worst thing you can do. You have to find a convenient balance between the two of them and then it will work. For your soul it’s absolutely important not to starve your soul from love just for your job.
All too often people split up after many successful years in a relationship. Everyone around you is genuinely surprised when they hear of the split up. In order to avoid this you have to make sure the communication inside the relationship always stays open. Talk to each other. A gentle kiss and a caressing touch will go a long way. If all else fails there is no shame in going to counselling to help make the relationship last.
Finding the right person to share the rest of your life with can be a great journey. It’s a ride that you want to take carefully. You need to find someone that shares your values, dreams, fantasies, joys and jokes. You also need someone who will stand by you during the hard times. This person has to be able to understand you and console you through every tough moment you may encounter in your life time.
Keeping those sparks going in your relationship at times can be very difficult but at the end of the day I will guarantee you that it will be worth it to be able to spend the rest of your life with someone you consider your best friend and soul mate.

Dale Mazurek