Thursday, August 16, 2007

Massage As A Part Of Foreplay

We have talked about foreplay in the past and how important it is to great love making. What we are going to talk about in this article is how a sensual massage can be a great part of foreplay.

A romantic candle light dinner and a sensual massage. There really isn’t anything better than this combination. Here is a map of how things should progress. First the two of you should have your intimate dinner and then you should make your move. I absolutely do not mean going straight into intercourse. Surprise your girl with a massage. This will tell her that she’s driving you crazy and that you want to feel every part of her body. At this moment there is no time to think about any of your worries. You have to focus your time entirely on making your girl feel hot and sexy. A good massage isn’t something that happens quickly. It takes a good long time to make all of her most intimate places feel great. This isn’t a normal massage. This massage is meant to heighten all the senses and lead into true passionate love making.

Having a couple of romantic CDs to heighten the mood is a great idea. There are also many other supplies that you may need for a truly great massage. Candles, incense, massage oils, clean towels and clean sheets because the sheets are going to get messy with the oils. Start with a soft massage because the first key should be to help your lover relax and get into the right mood. What you want to do is tease her a bit by playing with her erogenous zones, but avoid her breasts and vagina. You want to go slow and focus on languid strokes while rubbing each other bodies together. It’s important to find a good rhythm and include all body parts.

Now you’re going to want to move right in but this could be your biggest mistake. You can’t move any faster than you have been and believe it or not you should ask permission to go any further. You might have made her feel so good that she may not want to go any further. If she does agree to go further then you can start massaging her private parts. Another great way to help in this is the use of toys if both of you are in agreement.

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