Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mastering the Art of Seduction.

From time immemorial men the world over have endeavoured to crack the code of the Mysterious art of seduction. Whether to wed or bed the most beautiful damsel of their dreams, pick up lines from The Pick Up Artist ranging from chavvy, corny, soppy or plain hard core have been aired in the realm of the female domain. Now this great Mystery has been aired on Prime TV to unravel the code that men have been longing to get their hands on! Combined in a mixture of Reality quiz and workshop for the uninitiated the Vh1 Pick Up Artist brings together an array of different males in competition mode strutting their stuff to get their trophy..Prize being girl, date and macho award ceremony. This is an eye opener for the girls too may I add as we can now gage to see how much is plain bs and how much truth lives behind the facade! Whatever it does for any one, it sure has made the guys happy as the reviews come pouring in that The Pick Up Artist has changed their lives forever.
Whatever one's opinion of the show or of the whole art of seduction as a faculty of life the Hunter gatherer instinct in Man and of winning his prize and Trophy hasn't evolved much in the last few thousand years. Only perhaps a few phrases would change as The Pick Up Artist pre historic would just grab the lady to his cave the post modern one would flash his mobile phone and mutter "DIGITS".

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