Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anti-Aging For Baby Boomers

In the 1940s through to the 60s we as a country experienced very high birth rates to what is now known as the “baby boom.” These people were called “Baby Boomers”. They were mod clothes, sampled hallucinogenic drugs and they rocked with the Beatles. These were great times. Not a care in the world. Some of these baby boomers are in their 40s and some are close to retirement now.

Times have definitely changed now as have the baby boomers. There not as young as they used to be and not so full of exuberance and virility. This is especially true for the men. Their hair lines are receding, memory is getting cob webs and sexual performance is declining. Others also experience insomnia, aches, sweating, increased fat, loss of strength. Irritability, crankiness or even depression can also settle in. Most men of this age will experience either one or all of these to some degree.

A mans testosterone level starts to decrease at around age 30. It usually does so at the rate of 10 percent per decade. Of course testosterone helps maintain sex drive, sperm production, pubic and body hair. The consequences of aging slowly emerge as a man ages.

There are ways to help these baby boomers. You have to create a plan for a healthy life style. This could include optimal diets, supplements, regular exercise, stress management and natural hormone enhancement.

Let’s get basic here. We are missing many things in today’s diet but we also have ingredients in our diet that we shouldn’t have. Mostly high in sugar, fat and salt. The idea compromise should be 25% protein, 25% fat, and 50 % carbohydrates. Your protein should come from mainly plants, beans and animal sources like meat. Nut and olive oil is preferred over animal fats. Fruits and vegetables are main sources of carbohydrates so plenty of them should be eaten. Cortisol is a major age inducing hormone and is widely induced by junk foods, soda pop or any thing refined with sugar.

It’s however going to take a lot more than just diet to meet necessary nutrients. So it is favorable to take supplements like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutritional factors to be able to meet your daily requirements.

Physical activity is huge in helping to alleviate symptoms of aging. A good regular exercise program helps in the decreasing of bone and muscle mass. Regular exercise also helps to increase your metabolism. This allows you to burn more fat. Also exercise strengthens your heart and keeps your body flexible.

Stress can really accelerate the aging process. That alone is a great reason to practice stress management. Relaxation is so important. Try yoga, sports, meditation, reading, massages and so on. These activities will help you to focus and to loosen up.

Natural hormone enhancement is another way to put off some symptoms of aging. It’s ever so important to consult with your physician before using any supplemental HGHs such as injections, sprays, pills or tablets

Aging can be a huge factor on the quality of our lives. However with a healthy lifestyle which includes proper diet supplements, regular exercise, stress management and natural hormone enhancement. By doing all of this you can greatly reduce or eliminate some or all of symptoms associated with aging.

Dale Mazurek

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Good Relationship Starts With You

In this article I intend to help you with your relationships by first making sure you like yourself and to make sure you have been taking care of yourself.
Okay you’re a single male in your mid twenties and you have a plan. You’re always thinking about women and finding that special someone. You want to be friends for at least a year, then you want to date for a year and then by age thirty you want to be married.
This goal may seem like it can’t be done but you have to remember that it can be altered. You definitely know what you want and what you don’t want in a spouse. But are you being too fussy because it’s taking so long to find the woman that suits your mission.
Occasionally you sit back and you know she’s out there. You wonder what she’s doing at that very moment and you wonder if she is thinking about you. Your friends keep reminding you how they found their special some bodies. However you keep reminding yourself that God will bring the two of you together once he is ready.
So you really never know if you’re ready, you think you are but then you have your doubts. Maybe your dream girl isn’t ready. Maybe she’s doing something to work on her relationship skills. How will you ever know if you are ready for a relationship? Take a look at the points below and they might help you decide if you are ready for the relationship of your dreams.
Do you think you’re financially ready for a relationship? Okay you graduated and you have been through a few career changes and you have even been laid off. Is your bank account where it should be? And how about those credit cards, do you have control over them? So do you have a plan in place about paying off bills or maybe buying a house? You definitely don’t want to start a relationship if you got bad spending habits.
How about your looks? Are you happy with your physical appearance? You know that you don’t eat properly so you want to find some good bachelor recipes. The next thing you are sure of is that you need to join a gym to help lose a few of those unwanted pounds. If you look good for yourself that will give you the confidence that you need to find that special someone that you are looking for. Besides that if you’re looking for a smoking hot woman then why should she settle for anything less.
Do you think of yourself as a smart person? Just because you finished school doesn’t absolutely make you as smart as you can be. There is always the option to go back to school. After all don’t you won’t to seem intelligent around your wife to be?
Are you happy as an individual? You have to make sure you love yourself before you can even think of loving someone else. Happiness in a relationship can definitely fill one void, however if you can first be happy living alone than you can move forward to find someone to live with you. Okay so as long as you know that your relationship first starts with you and you learn to love yourself then you are probably ready to start letting someone else into your life.
Dale Mazurek

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Probably one of the biggest selling items in any convenience store in North America. In this article I am going to try and enlighten you a little on the different types of condoms and what women like about them.

Chrysler has cars, Trojan has condoms. Condoms have come a long way over the years. Today condoms come in different sizes, colors, shapes and even flavors. Small, large, ribbed, purple, black, chocolate, peppermint, if you can name it you can probably find it associated with a condom. There was a time when there was only one kind of condom on the market but just like anything else times have changed and advances have been made. All condoms can fall into eight different categories.

1. Material

For the most part condoms fall into two different material categories. One is polyurethane and second is latex.

2. Size

Once upon a time there was only one size of condom to be found. That’s usually still the case when you’re buying them at convenience stores. What’s different now however is that there are specialty stores and mail order that you can now get different sizes from. There are smaller ones, longer ones, wider ones and narrower ones.

3. Lubrication

Different condom companies use different lubrications for their condoms. Some people even have allergic reactions to certain lubes. It is however buyer beware. You should know what you’re allergic to so a sudden rash doesn’t wreck a planned night of passion.

4. Spermicidal

Spermicidal lubricants are often used on condoms to reduce the risk of pregnancy. One of the most common used is nonoxynol-9.

5. Ribbed

There are mixed feelings on ribbed condoms. Younger people for some reason think they are disgusting while older people think this is a condom sent from heaven. The ribs advance the feelings in sex making for stronger orgasms

6. Color

Not much can be said about color other than years ago all you could get was a transparent condom while today you can actually buy your condoms in packs with varieties of different colors.

7. Flavor

Again this is pretty self explanatory. The varieties of flavors are endless and of course these are used with couples who are more into oral sex. One warning about flavored condoms is that they should not be used for vaginal or anal sex.

8. Reservoir Tipped

Some condoms have reservoirs built into the end to store the semen after ejaculating. One thing to remember when putting this condom on make sure you pinch the end to get all the air out. Without doing this you stand the chance of the condom breaking and we all know what that can lead to.

So what do women want in a condom? Many condoms are packaged to look like a tampon so they can be carried in a women’s purse without anyone knowing anything different. French ticklers are a long time favorite because of how they intensify the sexual pleasures. A funny little story that one woman told was that it annoys her that condoms are made by men because if women made them they would be padded on the sides to add girth since for most women length isn’t an issue but wider is better for hitting that certain spot.

There are many other factors to condoms and this is just meant to be a guide line. Couples will experiment and get comfortable with what they like. While condoms are on the market to prevent pregnant and STDs you have to be careful of the novelty products because they don’t all work alike. If unsure read the container they come in and if still not sure talk to your doctor or the pharmacist at the drug store.

Dale Mazurek

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Is Impotence All In Your Mind

Impotence is a mans inability or difficulty to have or maintain an erection. While there are physical reasons for this, in this article I plan to show you the psychological factors involved with impotence.

There are many reasons for psychological impotence. Depression, stress, pressures from home or work, anxiety, relationship problems, arguments, insecurities or even low self-esteem. Then there could be sexual boredom or los of intimacy. Since these problems are all emotional they tend to be easier to get through than physical problems.

Curing impotency that’s psychological has a very high success rate. At first it’s going to seem tough but only if you don’t want to fix it or worse you don’t even know you have a problem. But once you have finally decided that you do have a problem and you do need to work on it then there are different ways to treat it.

Psychosexual Therapy is the first way you should go. In this sort of therapy are given suggestions, techniques and or exercises to help spice up the relationship. This can be done through talks, discussions, and activities that can lift the stress or anxiety that hasten impotence.

Another is behavior modification. How this works is by bringing a new and positive outlook on ones self importance. Your partner can be a great help in this process. The down side of this is that it can take lots of time. The nice thing is that it is cheaper and it not only helps with impotence but can also help with ones personality.

- You need to talk to your partner about the things that are going on. You need to put some real thought into how you feel about your partner, yourself and your member.

- It’s very important to talk to your partner. It helps take some of the burden off of you and it’s good to know you have someone to listen to. If your partner is part of the problem then talking is good. The two of you should talk so you can come up with some solutions. Something very important is to not let the discussions turn into an argument.

- Another important thing to look at is lifestyle and how it affects your penile health. You take care of the rest of your body so why wouldn’t you take care of your penis? You have to trim fat out of your diet and be careful with the alcohol and nicotine input. Learn to eat healthy and do exercises.

- If after you have tried all the above and your still not seeing success then it may be time to see a professional therapist. What’s so very important to remember is that you shouldn’t be embarrassed by this problem and also remember that you’re not on your own. There is lots of help out there for you.

Dale Mazurek

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Is There More Than One Type Of Kissing?

Kissing has to be one of the best ways in the world to show good emotions. At this very moment I can’t think about a negative impact of kissing. Oh sure we have heard about bad kissers but even bad kissers don’t hurt any one.

There are a number of different ways to kiss. There are passionate, friendly, playful and many different variations of kisses. They all depend on moods and relationship of people. A quick kiss in the morning to say bye to your wife is very different then the kiss that is associated with a long night of passion. Kissing is probably the most intimate act in today’s society.

1. French Kiss

Of course we have all heard of the French Kiss. It’s probably the most passionate and romantic kiss that can be exchanged by two lovers. Simply put a French Kiss is when two partners kiss with open mouths and their tongues touch. The partners use their tongues to explore each others mouths. They can play with each others tongues in many different kinds of ways.

2. Surprise Kiss

This kiss is another passionate one but it’s designed to surprise your partner and to convey intensity. The time this kiss is used is when your lover is busy doing something. They can be working, studying or just be absorbed by something else when you walk up to them with no words exchanged you just start kissing them. The kiss is always a nice reminder of your love for your partner. Through out the kiss you can decide whether this kiss should go further or if you should just end it and let your partner get back to what they were doing.

3. Lips Kiss

The lips kiss is another very romantic kiss but this one focuses on the lips instead of the inside of the mouth. This kiss can bring up huge passions in your partner. What is involved here is lightly biting and sucking on the lips. It could eventually lead to a French kiss if you want it to.

4. Fast Kiss

This kiss is just meant as a quick reminder to your partner that you care about them. This kiss is usually used when each partner is in a hurry or they are headed some where. Personally this kiss is very important to me because it reassures me through the day that my lover will be there at the end of the day.

There, of course are no hard fast rules in the art of kissing. You and your partner will have your own ways of expressing your love to one another. It is however the most common form of showing love in the world so you can never go wrong by kissing your partner.

Dale Mazurek

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Men Are You Ejaculating Too Fast?

Through my research I have found out that approximately 29% of men are bothered by premature ejaculation. Men and women dread this situation and for good reason. Premature ejaculation can steal precious tender moments with your loved one.

Guilt, anxiety, lack of experience or fear of something like pregnancy are all common reasons for premature ejaculation. Traditionally men are lucky to last 3 minutes after penetration while women last about 12 minutes. In a lot of cases older men do have a little more control then younger guys and this would simply be credited to experience.

1. So now you would like to know how to control premature ejaculation. Your main sexual muscle is called the pc muscle. Exercising this muscle can definitely help. With regular exercise of the pc muscle you can maintain harder and larger erections as well as have more intense climaxes at ejaculation.

2. So now you are wondering exactly where this muscle is. Next time you’re urinating try stopping halfway through. The muscle is located between the scrotum and the anus. You will feel it contract when you try to stop the flow of urine.

3. Now you probably want to know the best way to excursive this muscle. You want to do three sets of ten second clenching and releasing the muscle. Take a short rest and then do this for five second intervals. Do it ten times this time. Lastly try clenching for 30 seconds and then relaxing for 30 seconds. Do this three times.

4. This exercise is no different than any other exercise. You have to commit to doing it regularly. The nice thing is that it can be done by you at any time and without the help of any equipment. It is rumored that famous porn stars use these exercises regularly.

Next time you and your partner are making love try and pause for a while once inside her. Don’t move for a few seconds. After that try the relaxing and clenching techniques. It’s very important to know how your partner likes to make love. Some like it hard and fast while others like slow and sensual. Knowing this will go great strides in helping to prevent premature ejaculation.

Dale Mazurek

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Women And Trust Issues

In any relationship trust is such a huge factor for all involved usually. In this article I will try and bring women’s trust issues to light a bit and see why they have so much trouble with trust.

Men and women look at trust in a different light. For the most part a man could not care about trust in the beginning. He doesn’t know where the relationship is going and let’s face it at first he is probably only after one thing. When it comes to most women trust is an issue from the very first date. I think this comes from being taught at a young age that strange men can be dangerous and they have to be careful.

The fact that women were taught about not trusting from a very young age carries on with them right through their life. Most women don’t even think their relationship will be short so they are looking for trust right from day one. There is an exception to every rule like women who engage in casual sex or there is the odd woman who just isn’t looking for a relationship but even those are still looking for some sort of trust.

Men have helped greatly to wreck trust issues for women. Let’s face it most men are pigs. They only want one thing and the woman knows that. Of course her guard is going to go up every time she gets involved with a new man. She has to be careful what she says so the man doesn’t take it the wrong way. She also has to listen very carefully to what the man says because she knows that a man will say anything to get what he wants.

There is a very touching issue that affects a woman to trust. It is a sad world that we live in that this should be an issue but it is so it should be mentioned. Very many women are abused at a young age by either a family member or a friend of the family. This alone can wreck a women’s trust for the rest of her life.

As a man if you’re only there for a short time then it’s really not worth it to try and figure her out. However if you think you can make a relationship with this girl then you should take things slow and take time to get to know her. Sex should be the last thing on your mind and getting to know her should be on top of the list. I strongly suggest you don’t push though because that will drive her away quickly. There is no doubt in my mind that once she starts to know and trust you better then she will open up more.

It’s such a fine line out there when it comes to trusting. I don’t blame women for being cautious and careful. However on the other hand a lot of would be relationships have been wrecked due to lack of trust. Women need to know that there are good men out there and they shouldn’t all be painted with the same brush. In that same breathe the men have to stop building a bad name for themselves.

Dale Mazurek

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wise Tale Food Tales

Through out the years we have heard so many myths about certain foods. I have done some research to try and dispel some of these rumors. By no means am I an expert when it comes to food but the information does come from the experts. Being married twenty years and having a big family I do consider my self some what of an expert when it comes to eating healthy.

1. Eggs. For years we have heard how bad eggs are for you. This is true if you eat a dozen a day but personally I haven’t met a single person yet that eats that many eggs. We here about cholesterol and fat but in actuality eaten properly eggs are full of vitamins that are actually good for you.

2. Wine We always here that a glass of wine everyday is good for you. This may be true as long as its only one glass and you are drinking it while eating healthy. A glass of wine won’t do a thing for you if you eat three hamburgers and fries everyday. Another thing is getting dependant on the wine could turn into a disastrous thing as well.

3. Butter or Margarine In reality neither one is good for you if consumed in large quantities. They are both full of fat and processed ingredients. Butter and margarine are almost identical in fats and calories. So once again as long as they are consumed in moderate quantities neither will harm you.

4. Fresh to frozen For the most part if you compare apples to apples then nutrient values are very close to the same. Fresh carrots compared to frozen carrots. The frozen may lack a little in taste but they are almost equal in nutrient value. Where the difference comes in is when you compare fresh carrots to frozen carrots mixed with a cream sauce. So in reality if you’re on a budget frozen foods are usually a little cheaper so don’t worry your not sacrificing your family’s health.

5. Carbs Will you gain weight eating carbs? Of course you will. Carbs are no different then eating any other foods. The key to everything is to eat in moderation. If you eat a loaf of bread with your breakfast then you best be prepared to watch the weight gain.

These are only a few myths in a world filled with them. In my experience getting help with weight loss is a good idea but the trick is to make sure you use the help whether it is a diet, certain foods, pills or supplements. I noticed the best thing for my diet was some supplement pills, eating in moderation and drinking lots of water.

Dale Mazurek

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