Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Good Relationship Starts With You

In this article I intend to help you with your relationships by first making sure you like yourself and to make sure you have been taking care of yourself.
Okay you’re a single male in your mid twenties and you have a plan. You’re always thinking about women and finding that special someone. You want to be friends for at least a year, then you want to date for a year and then by age thirty you want to be married.
This goal may seem like it can’t be done but you have to remember that it can be altered. You definitely know what you want and what you don’t want in a spouse. But are you being too fussy because it’s taking so long to find the woman that suits your mission.
Occasionally you sit back and you know she’s out there. You wonder what she’s doing at that very moment and you wonder if she is thinking about you. Your friends keep reminding you how they found their special some bodies. However you keep reminding yourself that God will bring the two of you together once he is ready.
So you really never know if you’re ready, you think you are but then you have your doubts. Maybe your dream girl isn’t ready. Maybe she’s doing something to work on her relationship skills. How will you ever know if you are ready for a relationship? Take a look at the points below and they might help you decide if you are ready for the relationship of your dreams.
Do you think you’re financially ready for a relationship? Okay you graduated and you have been through a few career changes and you have even been laid off. Is your bank account where it should be? And how about those credit cards, do you have control over them? So do you have a plan in place about paying off bills or maybe buying a house? You definitely don’t want to start a relationship if you got bad spending habits.
How about your looks? Are you happy with your physical appearance? You know that you don’t eat properly so you want to find some good bachelor recipes. The next thing you are sure of is that you need to join a gym to help lose a few of those unwanted pounds. If you look good for yourself that will give you the confidence that you need to find that special someone that you are looking for. Besides that if you’re looking for a smoking hot woman then why should she settle for anything less.
Do you think of yourself as a smart person? Just because you finished school doesn’t absolutely make you as smart as you can be. There is always the option to go back to school. After all don’t you won’t to seem intelligent around your wife to be?
Are you happy as an individual? You have to make sure you love yourself before you can even think of loving someone else. Happiness in a relationship can definitely fill one void, however if you can first be happy living alone than you can move forward to find someone to live with you. Okay so as long as you know that your relationship first starts with you and you learn to love yourself then you are probably ready to start letting someone else into your life.
Dale Mazurek

Dale has been married for 19 years and writes these articles based on his studies. You can check out his very popular relationship product at or check out one of his great blogs at or

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