Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wise Tale Food Tales

Through out the years we have heard so many myths about certain foods. I have done some research to try and dispel some of these rumors. By no means am I an expert when it comes to food but the information does come from the experts. Being married twenty years and having a big family I do consider my self some what of an expert when it comes to eating healthy.

1. Eggs. For years we have heard how bad eggs are for you. This is true if you eat a dozen a day but personally I haven’t met a single person yet that eats that many eggs. We here about cholesterol and fat but in actuality eaten properly eggs are full of vitamins that are actually good for you.

2. Wine We always here that a glass of wine everyday is good for you. This may be true as long as its only one glass and you are drinking it while eating healthy. A glass of wine won’t do a thing for you if you eat three hamburgers and fries everyday. Another thing is getting dependant on the wine could turn into a disastrous thing as well.

3. Butter or Margarine In reality neither one is good for you if consumed in large quantities. They are both full of fat and processed ingredients. Butter and margarine are almost identical in fats and calories. So once again as long as they are consumed in moderate quantities neither will harm you.

4. Fresh to frozen For the most part if you compare apples to apples then nutrient values are very close to the same. Fresh carrots compared to frozen carrots. The frozen may lack a little in taste but they are almost equal in nutrient value. Where the difference comes in is when you compare fresh carrots to frozen carrots mixed with a cream sauce. So in reality if you’re on a budget frozen foods are usually a little cheaper so don’t worry your not sacrificing your family’s health.

5. Carbs Will you gain weight eating carbs? Of course you will. Carbs are no different then eating any other foods. The key to everything is to eat in moderation. If you eat a loaf of bread with your breakfast then you best be prepared to watch the weight gain.

These are only a few myths in a world filled with them. In my experience getting help with weight loss is a good idea but the trick is to make sure you use the help whether it is a diet, certain foods, pills or supplements. I noticed the best thing for my diet was some supplement pills, eating in moderation and drinking lots of water.

Dale Mazurek

Dale has been married for twenty years and considers himself somewhat of an expert when it comes to topics to do with weight control. You can check out his ever growing relationship blog at http://relationshiptidbits.blogspot.com/ two more of his very popular blogs can be found at http://fishingtutor.blogspot.com/ and http://affiliatemarketingfornewbies.blogspot.com/

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