Sunday, April 29, 2007

Women And Their Hot Flashes

I’m a male so what do I know about women’s issues. To be honest I only know what I have studied and what other women have told me. Go ahead and read and by all means feel free to comment when you are done.

Hot flashes, you feel a burning feeling on your face and upper body. Your heart beat speeds up, you feel nauseated, you get headaches and many other more than irritating symptoms. You are experiencing what is commonly referred to as “Hot flashes.” What the heck are these? They are the woman’s biological process caused by the hormonal dictates of menopause. That’s it for the most part but it can also be brought on by certain medications or styles of living.

For the average woman menopause happens around age 50. A lowered level of estrogen directly impacts on the hypothalamus. That is the part of ones body that controls sleep, sex hormones and body temperature. The lowering of estrogen concerns the hypothalamus and usually says temperature is too hot. The brain then takes over by telling the heart, nervous system and blood vessels to start eliminating the heat. So what happens in the end? Heart beats quicker, blood vessels open up and the body starts sweating. The bad part about this is that it can happen at any time often causing embarrassing moments for the woman.

85 percent of woman experience these hot flashes as they get close to menopause. About 40 percent continue to have them for longer periods of time. As time goes on hot flashes get worse and longer. Hot flashes can last for a couple of minutes or go as long as hours before the body normalizes. It weird but the most ordinary time for these flashes is between 6 and 8 in the morning and between 6 and 10 in the evening.

You can’t entirely control these issues that conflict so much discomfort on the average woman but there are a few things you can do to battle. Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, diet pills, spicy foods, hot foods, hot tubs and smoking. When you go out it would be smart to dress in layers. Turn the thermostat down where you can. Sleep on a larger bed because of body temperatures between you and your spouse. A very smart thing to do in order to get some sleep take a cold shower. Something else that’s important is if you do have to go to a meeting then go early so you can have your choice of seating. Lastly Tylenol wouldn’t hurt.

There are many different treatment suggestions that lead from counter meds, prescription meds, herbs or vitamins. It is up to the woman to try different thing to see what might help her. For some woman something as simple as a cup of tea before bed is all they need.

Dale Mazurek

Dale has been married for twenty years and talks about subjects such as these because of his studies. You can check out more of his blogs at or and

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