Thursday, April 12, 2007

First Kiss

Love and sex are a couple of things that keep us going in our relationships but getting to that point can be very stressful with all the firsts that we have to get through. There is the first date, first phone call, first evening out, first kiss, first evening together. All these firsts are going to be the makeup of the relationship and the deciding factors on whether or not the relationship will go anywhere. In this article we are going to focus on the first kiss.
1. It is rare to get anything right on the first try and because of this there are many awkward first date moments. There are bound to be many first mistakes in and out of bed. If you get through these then they can provide a lot of humorous memories later on in your relationship. However it is still important to try and keep the mistakes to a minimum.
2. Of course the first time is going to be a nervous one for you so it’s important to have the right setting set up. Once you think the time has arrived and both of you are comfortable for you then it may be time to plan for the first kiss. You want this to happen in a place that’s familiar to both of you and an intimate setting would probably be a good idea.
3. You don’t have to wait for butterflies in your stomach or fireworks to go off. If you feel like the both of you are ready for that first kiss then you will know it and then you should just go for it. Just make sure you do cherish it because it could become a very special part of your relationship.
4. If you’re not entirely certain what she wants then you should just move in with a nice light, smooth kiss. If she doesn’t move back and it seems like she is enjoying the kiss then for the second kiss you could move in with a little more aggression and go for the French kiss. But make sure you are reading her right. A lot of times just a nice smooth kiss for the first date will get you a lot of points on the second date.
5. If you don’t care about the date ending early and you ending up alone then go ahead and go after the French kiss. I would suggest you not doing that simply because it could mess things up for a long time in the relationship if there even is a relationship after this. To her the first kiss could be the highlight of the relationship for a very long time.
So to conclude this it’s important not to mess things up on the first kiss. A lot of huff is made over the first kiss so it’s important to make sure things turn out right. So if you just find a nice quiet out of the way spot where your girl can slide into your arms and then you can kiss the night away then maybe just maybe you can consider your first kiss a success.

Dale Mazurek

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