Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Take Care Of Your Heart

When a new disease like aids came out it was all anybody was talking about. It was water cooler talk for a few years. However this disease is the one we should be talking about. The disease I am referring to is heart disease. It is the leading killer of men and women around the world. It is such common place for heart disease today that it seems like we have just decided to accept it rather then fight it. Everyone knows some one that has high blood pressure, had a heart attack or has some kind of cardio-vascular program. Guess what I don’t know anyone with aids. So let’s start taking this disease serious, stop pushing it to the back burner and start fighting back.

In this article I am going to attempt to bring to light the three most common causes of heart disease and work with you so that together we can fight against this terrible disease.

1. Why Do We Smoke

I shouldn’t even have to talk about this but I will. Smoking is a lifestyle choice that we should avoid if we value our health and life. Smoking is the leading cause of high blood pressure which in turn leads to strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, cancer and several other diseases. We have all heard the smokers say that smoking helps calm me. How can you be calm when you are deliberately adding a life threatening addiction to your lifestyle? Not to mention the amount of money you spend and how terrible you smell in a crowd of non smokers.

2. Moderate Your Alcohol

We have all heard that a glass of wine every couple of days is actually a good thing for your health. I can accept that if it is only a glass now and then. The problem comes into play when alcohol is consumed in excessive amounts. It raises your blood pressure never mind the damage you’re doing to your liver. I am by no means telling anybody they have to stay clear of alcohol but by all means you have to take control of your life and if you think you are drinking too much then you probably are. Forget about the heart disease for a second and think about how many lives are ruined everyday because of alcohol. Whether it is drunk drivers or people who get violent when under the influence. It all comes down to choices. Can you make the right one?

3. Take Care Of Yourself

I am not telling everyone reading this that they have to start pumping iron and sticking to some fancy low carb diet or something like that. What I am telling people is that we all have common sense so we should use it wisely. Just look at your meals and decide if you are eating healthy or not. You will know. Food doesn’t have to taste bad to be good for you. Also when it comes to exercise you don’t have to be a member of a gym or do 5 hours of training a day. The main thing is to stay active. Take walks, play sports, do yard work. The more you follow this the better you are likely to feel.

Is it worth it to you to worry about stuff later in life? When we are young we all think we are bullet proof but from experience let me tell you we are not. These unhealthy lifestyle choices will catch up to us and we will be wishing we did things differently. By the time you are thinking that then it’s probably too late. So the next time you reach for that cigarette, glass of alcohol or the bag of snacks you should think about what it could do to mess up your future and the future of your friends and family.

Dale Mazurek

Dale has been happily married for twenty years and considers himself somewhat of an expert on topics that can affect relationships. You can check out his interactive relationship blog at http://relationshiptidbits.blogspot.com/ Also check out these two blogs that are getting rave reviews. http://fishingtutor.blogspot.com/ and http://stcajo-readshortstories.blogspot.com/

While I am not a Doctor I am a person that has been personally affected by heart disease in my family. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep yourself healthier so I hope these few points can help you lead a better life and be around with your family for a very long time.

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