Sunday, April 8, 2007

What Do Women Like (Part 1)

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that women fantasize just like men. They not be as open about it or they keep it to themselves in fear of embarrassment. In this two part article I will discuss some of the top fantasies of a woman. This article is not intended to go back to your mate with and say see I know you want to do this. You should never push your partner to reveal their fantasies because they are theirs and if they want to include you they will. Fantasy can be a great tool in the bedroom to spice up a sex life.

1. Sex With Strangers
Women fantasize about sex with strangers. This fantasy is very common. There is no pressure when you’re with someone you don’t know. They know they can be wild because there isn’t going to be a second meeting and the best part is they won’t be judged.
2. The Little Girl One
Often woman like to be treated like a little girl. They like the control taken away from them and put into the hands of their partner. They like to be told what to say and they even like to get light spankings for being bad. In some cases the women even want to dress up like little girls.
3. Letting Everyone See
Women love the thought of making love in public. Knowing that other people are watching in the heat of the moment is a huge turn on and usually multiplies the intensity of their orgasms. Just be careful if you do fulfil this fantasy because getting caught by the wrong person in public can be quite embarrassing.
4. Domination
This one I am not a fan of but lots of women love it. They get turned on by being told what to do. They like to give all the control to their partner. In domination the woman doesn’t make a move until first being told. This fantasy is actually quite popular.
5. Like It Rough
Another one that I am not a big fan of his roughing up your girl. There’s enough real abuse out there but for the ladies that like it that’s there prerogative. It’s not always physical. Some woman might not like the hitting part but would rather be yelled at. Woman have told me what a great turn on this is but a few have told me that they do worry that there partner will get carried away.

This is the end of my first article entitled What Do Women Like. While these are fantasies that women like to get involved in at times remember most of the time it is just fantasy. They use the scenarios to heighten their orgasms. So be careful to never push your partner into something they really don’t want to do
Dale Mazurek

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Rachel said...

As a woman I have to admit that I like the idea of either pretending that it is my first time or that it is my husbands first time. Unfortunately my husband doesn't like roleplay so it has to be in my own head!