Wednesday, April 4, 2007

If Its Small Thats Okay

In today’s society there are a lot of cruel people out there that just can’t wait to hurt the next person they see. I don’t mean physically but rather psychologically. This has turned into a lot of stress and insecurity for guys with small penises. In this article I aim to just make you feel better about yourself no matter what the people around you say.

Guys suffer from several problems in today’s society that make them shy away from intimacy. Being short, receding hair lines, bad teeth but there is one problem that is very hard to overcome for many men. This one problem is probably the leading reason that men shy away from intimacy. The problem is having a small penis. Because of this guys don’t let them selves be accepted by women because in their minds rejection is just down the road. Having a small penis can create such emotional scarring that it will prevent a man from having any intimate relationships. No matter how much a man enjoys something he avoids it because of the embarrassment factor. Such things as going to the beach, playing sports that you have to change in a locker room for.

It doesn’t matter what the girl says because the guy always thinks the worst. He thinks that finding a girl with a small penis is absolutely impossible. Most guys even think its worse then having bad hygiene. Patterns of shyness, suspicion and distrust are usually created through out their lives that making decisions on anything is usually affected. Social and private lives are ruined because of the guy’s beliefs. He doesn’t let anyone get too close because of fear that some one will find his secret out and expose him to the world.

As a man with a small penis you just have to get over it. You need to have relationships so you just have to decide if this is a good enough reason to wreck your life for. You can’t compare yourself with porn stars and body builders. Would you compare yourself to Wayne Gretzky if you scored three goals in your hockey league? There are plenty girls out there who are looking for a fun, loving, caring and open relationship and to her the matter of your deficit will not be an issue. You have to learn to trust the people you care about in life. While there may be jerks who may make your life miserable it doesn’t matter because you know that these aren’t the people you want in your circle of friends anyway.

So the next time you turn this into an issue just remember out of the people you care about its probably just you creating your own problems. Just remember that friendship and love comes first.

Dale Mazurek
Dale has been married for twenty years and considers himself somewhat of an expert on topics that can affect relationships. You can check out his interactive relationship blog at Another fun blog is Dales suggested site for men to find help

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