Sunday, April 29, 2007

Women And Their Hot Flashes

I’m a male so what do I know about women’s issues. To be honest I only know what I have studied and what other women have told me. Go ahead and read and by all means feel free to comment when you are done.

Hot flashes, you feel a burning feeling on your face and upper body. Your heart beat speeds up, you feel nauseated, you get headaches and many other more than irritating symptoms. You are experiencing what is commonly referred to as “Hot flashes.” What the heck are these? They are the woman’s biological process caused by the hormonal dictates of menopause. That’s it for the most part but it can also be brought on by certain medications or styles of living.

For the average woman menopause happens around age 50. A lowered level of estrogen directly impacts on the hypothalamus. That is the part of ones body that controls sleep, sex hormones and body temperature. The lowering of estrogen concerns the hypothalamus and usually says temperature is too hot. The brain then takes over by telling the heart, nervous system and blood vessels to start eliminating the heat. So what happens in the end? Heart beats quicker, blood vessels open up and the body starts sweating. The bad part about this is that it can happen at any time often causing embarrassing moments for the woman.

85 percent of woman experience these hot flashes as they get close to menopause. About 40 percent continue to have them for longer periods of time. As time goes on hot flashes get worse and longer. Hot flashes can last for a couple of minutes or go as long as hours before the body normalizes. It weird but the most ordinary time for these flashes is between 6 and 8 in the morning and between 6 and 10 in the evening.

You can’t entirely control these issues that conflict so much discomfort on the average woman but there are a few things you can do to battle. Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, diet pills, spicy foods, hot foods, hot tubs and smoking. When you go out it would be smart to dress in layers. Turn the thermostat down where you can. Sleep on a larger bed because of body temperatures between you and your spouse. A very smart thing to do in order to get some sleep take a cold shower. Something else that’s important is if you do have to go to a meeting then go early so you can have your choice of seating. Lastly Tylenol wouldn’t hurt.

There are many different treatment suggestions that lead from counter meds, prescription meds, herbs or vitamins. It is up to the woman to try different thing to see what might help her. For some woman something as simple as a cup of tea before bed is all they need.

Dale Mazurek

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Your Eyes Will Eat It

How often have you heard that your eyes will eat it but your stomach won’t? In this article I will attempt to shed some light on why this is. Obviously eyes are attracted to attractive things and that’s where this article will lead us.

As a guy I know that I see a beautiful attractive lady it wakes my eyes up. Well that’s no different when it comes to food. When we go on a diet it’s important to build your diet around your eyes. You need to make the food in your diet look good so you will want to eat it. You see this in restaurants all the time. They dress up your plate with greens and garnishes. Your mind automatically thinks if it looks good then it should taste good.

So in order to make your diet successful you have to liven it up a bit and you will get your self on the right path to making your diet work for you.

If something in life looks bad then we tend to stay away from it. Well the same goes for food. If we don’t like it were not going to go near it. Use different colors to make your foods stand out. Blanch your vegetables so they keep their color and use lemon juice to maintain color.

Vegetables come in many different colors so use this to your advantage. We don’t want to eat food that looks all wilted. If you want you can become an artist with your food. Another thing to remember is how important smell and taste is. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t use spices and herbs to help enhance your meal. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you have to eat everything that tastes like card board. Hot peppers are what I like to add the most to my meals.

The next thing is texture. The food really does have to feel good in your mouth. Chances are you aren’t going to want to eat it if it’s over cooked and feels like mush. The secret is trying to make it taste and feel the way it did before you started cooking it.

The appearance of your plate will also help. You want to make the plate look as full as possible. You can spread things out a bit. Use up all the room on your plate. Drinking plenty of fluids will help during your meal. Drink your fluids during your meal instead of after your meal. Your stomach wont need as much food and water helps with the digestion of your food.

To have success in your diet you have to be willing to try new things. Everything we do always comes from our brain first. So in order for things to work we have to believe. Believing will guarantee success in not only our diets but anything we put our minds to.

Dale Mazurek

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Bachelors Pantry

Funny as it may seem single men never have a well stocked pantry. In order to keep healthy it’s important to have this pantry stocked because the alternative is usually junk or fast food. Bellow will be a number of easy tips for your pantry and healthier meals.

1. Water
As silly as this may sound water is probably the most important part of your diet. Nobody likes to drink right out of the tap so either have a jug of cold water in the fridge or keep well stocked with bottled water.

2. Milk
Low fat milk is a must for your fridge. A nice bowl of cereal in the morning is a great way to get your day started.

3. Fruit
If you have to buy junk food why not buy fruit instead. It’s great for snacking and a whole lot healthier then potato chips.

4. Carrots
Just add some low fat dip and you have a great snack food that’s better than any deep fried goods.

5. Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a great source of protein while not worrying about fat. You can use peanut butter on your toast in the morning instead of butter.

6. Eggs
Eggs are a must for some easy bake products plus they are a must for your protein filled breakfast.

7. Yogurt
A great snack in the summer time. You can use it to make all kinds of shakes and believe it or not yogurt is a great staple with chicken.

8. Butter
Butters not the healthiest for you but it’s a must for your baked goods as well it makes your eggs taste that much better in the morning.

9. Lemons
If you eat seafood then these are a must. On top of that a great, cold glass of lemonade at the end of a hard day hits the spot better than anything else.

10. Mayo
Not a great product to use every day but a must for tuna or chicken salad. It’s also great with dry items. It’s important to buy the low fat kind.

11. Mustard
Great on sandwiches other than mayo. Mustard is a great way to knock out the fat in your diet.

12. Cheese
You absolutely have to have cheese. You don’t want to go overboard but there is nothing better for a dull meal than adding some cheese to it.

13. Drinks
You don’t want to have things too boring so buy some different kinds of drinks. Fruit juice, beer and soda pop. You don’t have to go overboard but a couple beers now and then aren’t going to hurt you.

14. Fresh Ginger
Just put some raw ginger in your fridge. Don’t cover it or anything like that. This will help to keep your food nice and fresh in the fridge.

15. Bread
Buy some fresh bread at your local baker. A nice sandwich once in a while is great. Just don’t go hog wild on the carbs.

16. Canned Fruits And Veggies
Even though fresh is always better, canned is better in a pinch then chips and other oily snack foods. Plus canned food can last very long in the cupboard.

17. Pasta
There’s not much to say about pasta other than it’s a good quick meal.

18. Spices And Herbs
This is all you need to add some zing to your meal. It doesn’t matter what your eating good herbs and spices will give you a different meal every time.

19. Cereal
Cereal is great for a quick meal anytime of the day. A quick bowl of breakfast is healthier for you any day as compared to muffins or donuts that you have to wait in line for.

I realize there were no meats mentioned here because all of these are just to be quick snacks. In no way are they meant to replace good home cooked meals.

Dale Mazurek

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tiny Tim

When Tiny Tim and Miss Vickie got married on the Johnny Carson show, the TV producers scattered about the stage a few tulips for the couple because the alternatively talented Tiny T. Had become famous for singing (badly and accompanied more or less on the ukulele) the song, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.”
How many tulips? In true TV style of overdoing a non event to make Lucullus proud of them: ten thousand tulips.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre

Hello to everyone

My name is Dale Mazurek, I am a 39 year old oilfield worker in Alberta, Canada. I in no way have any affiliate with anyone from Virginia Tech but never the less I would like to express my deepest sympathies. How something so tragic could happen anywhere just mystifies me. To all the students and families I would just like you to know that I deeply feel for you and I and my family will be thinking about you in these trying times. I am not about to get into a discussion about why this happened but rather I would like you to know how strongly this is felt even in Canada. I have been able to spend a lot of time watching events unfold on CNN and even though I am suppose to be some tough oil patch worker I have been brought to tears several times in the last two days. In conclusion I would just like to say that if anyone that has anything to do with this horrible situation whether it be today or a year from now my heart will always be with you. It is important today to take care of your selves and don’t be scared to hug or be hugged. God bless all with Virginia Tech

Dale Mazurek

Monday, April 16, 2007

I Don’t Do This Often

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Thanks Dale

Saturday, April 14, 2007

What To And Not To Do During Kissing

Don’t ever think you know there is everything to know about sex. No matter what you know and practice there is always going to be small things you haven’t learnt yet. I’m sure you have better things to do with your life than trying to learn everything about sex so when you can learn a new tip it definitely doesn’t hurt you.
1. Kissing is one of the oldest expressions of love. You can see it everywhere from a mother kissing her child good night. A grandmother giving her grandchild a good bye kiss or a very romantic French kiss between two lovers.
2. Nobody was born knowing how to kiss so just like anything else you get better with practice. It’s not an easy thing to get a bunch of practice in this so don’t be embarrassed when you’re not very good at it at first.
3. We can thank the French for introducing the act of French Kissing. While kissing has always been a universal sign of love French Kissing or the intimate play of tongues was introduced to us by the western world, from there it has spread around the world.
4. You can’t rush that first kiss with a new girl. You have to make sure that the girl is willing to go for this kiss. If she looks nervous and fidgety then it might not be the right time to go for that first kiss. This might be a good time to give her some space.
5. I would not recommend French kissing on the first date unless you know the date your on is only meant for one thing. Other than that French kissing should be saved for the last or next date.
6. Girls hate when guys shove their tongues down their throats and make it impossible for them to breathe. Therefore you as a guy have to be careful to keep it comfortable for the girl. Remember your sharing a very intimate moment so if you make it uncomfortable the feelings will be gone out of it real quick.
7. If you really want to turn your girl off then come at her with your tongue hanging out. This will turn off even the most promiscuous girl. You have to be able to read her and if the girl is willing to get a little friskier then use your imagination and go ahead and push a little farther.
Most times taking it slow is the best way to go. However if you and your partner come out of a long passionate kissing session tired and exhausted then you are probably headed in the right direction. It means she is enjoying it as much as you and chances are she will go further but remember rushing things will get you into trouble.
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

First Kiss

Love and sex are a couple of things that keep us going in our relationships but getting to that point can be very stressful with all the firsts that we have to get through. There is the first date, first phone call, first evening out, first kiss, first evening together. All these firsts are going to be the makeup of the relationship and the deciding factors on whether or not the relationship will go anywhere. In this article we are going to focus on the first kiss.
1. It is rare to get anything right on the first try and because of this there are many awkward first date moments. There are bound to be many first mistakes in and out of bed. If you get through these then they can provide a lot of humorous memories later on in your relationship. However it is still important to try and keep the mistakes to a minimum.
2. Of course the first time is going to be a nervous one for you so it’s important to have the right setting set up. Once you think the time has arrived and both of you are comfortable for you then it may be time to plan for the first kiss. You want this to happen in a place that’s familiar to both of you and an intimate setting would probably be a good idea.
3. You don’t have to wait for butterflies in your stomach or fireworks to go off. If you feel like the both of you are ready for that first kiss then you will know it and then you should just go for it. Just make sure you do cherish it because it could become a very special part of your relationship.
4. If you’re not entirely certain what she wants then you should just move in with a nice light, smooth kiss. If she doesn’t move back and it seems like she is enjoying the kiss then for the second kiss you could move in with a little more aggression and go for the French kiss. But make sure you are reading her right. A lot of times just a nice smooth kiss for the first date will get you a lot of points on the second date.
5. If you don’t care about the date ending early and you ending up alone then go ahead and go after the French kiss. I would suggest you not doing that simply because it could mess things up for a long time in the relationship if there even is a relationship after this. To her the first kiss could be the highlight of the relationship for a very long time.
So to conclude this it’s important not to mess things up on the first kiss. A lot of huff is made over the first kiss so it’s important to make sure things turn out right. So if you just find a nice quiet out of the way spot where your girl can slide into your arms and then you can kiss the night away then maybe just maybe you can consider your first kiss a success.

Dale Mazurek

Dale has been married for over twenty years and because of this considers himself somewhat of a relationship expert. You can check out his relationship blog at
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What Do Women Like (Part 2)

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that women fantasize just like men. They not be as open about it or they keep it to themselves in fear of embarrassment. In this two part article I will discuss some of the top fantasies of a woman. This article is not intended to go back to your mate with and say see I know you want to do this. You should never push your partner to reveal their fantasies because they are theirs and if they want to include you they will. Fantasy can be a great tool in the bedroom to spice up a sex life.

1. Two Women
This should be no surprise. Its public knowledge that women can be better at pleasing other women than men. This isn’t a knock towards men. The nice thing about this fantasy is that the man is usually a willing partner. However you have to be careful because adding another woman can spring up some jealousies later.
2. The Oldest Trade In History
Women quite often like to pretend they are prostitutes. With this fantasy you should role-play the entire scenario. You should ask how much , pick her up, and after everything is said and done you should pay her and since she’s your real life partner it wouldnt hurt to give a nice tip.
3. Three Way
Probably one of women’s biggest fantasies is having two men in bed with her. This one is tough on guys but it can be very rewarding for a relationship. A woman loves to have two guys pleasuring her that only guys can. Once again though if you are in any way insecure about our relationship then this might not be the one you want to pursue.
4. She’s The Man
Most guys would say absolutely not to this one but for the few that do give in they are doing a wonderful thing for their partner. A girl likes to use a strap on with their partner. It makes them feel like they are in control. There are some women out there who want the power and this is definitely a way to give it to them.
5. Assault
While I am reluctant to even include this one you would be surprised how many women fantasize about being raped. Again this is role playing but I would be careful how far I take it. Rape is a very serious issue and not something to be taken lightly but some girls like it when their man roughs them up, rips their clothes off and takes all the control away.
These are only meant to be tips. There has to be two willing partners. The right fantasy can do wonders to spice up your sex life. But guys I also want you to remember there is nothing that turns a girl on more than good old fashioned love making.
This is the end of my last article entitled What Do Women Like. While these are fantasies that women like to get involved in at times remember most of the time it is just fantasy. They use the scenarios to heighten their orgasms. So be careful to never push your partner into something they really don’t want to do
Dale Mazurek

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

What Do Women Like (Part 1)

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that women fantasize just like men. They not be as open about it or they keep it to themselves in fear of embarrassment. In this two part article I will discuss some of the top fantasies of a woman. This article is not intended to go back to your mate with and say see I know you want to do this. You should never push your partner to reveal their fantasies because they are theirs and if they want to include you they will. Fantasy can be a great tool in the bedroom to spice up a sex life.

1. Sex With Strangers
Women fantasize about sex with strangers. This fantasy is very common. There is no pressure when you’re with someone you don’t know. They know they can be wild because there isn’t going to be a second meeting and the best part is they won’t be judged.
2. The Little Girl One
Often woman like to be treated like a little girl. They like the control taken away from them and put into the hands of their partner. They like to be told what to say and they even like to get light spankings for being bad. In some cases the women even want to dress up like little girls.
3. Letting Everyone See
Women love the thought of making love in public. Knowing that other people are watching in the heat of the moment is a huge turn on and usually multiplies the intensity of their orgasms. Just be careful if you do fulfil this fantasy because getting caught by the wrong person in public can be quite embarrassing.
4. Domination
This one I am not a fan of but lots of women love it. They get turned on by being told what to do. They like to give all the control to their partner. In domination the woman doesn’t make a move until first being told. This fantasy is actually quite popular.
5. Like It Rough
Another one that I am not a big fan of his roughing up your girl. There’s enough real abuse out there but for the ladies that like it that’s there prerogative. It’s not always physical. Some woman might not like the hitting part but would rather be yelled at. Woman have told me what a great turn on this is but a few have told me that they do worry that there partner will get carried away.

This is the end of my first article entitled What Do Women Like. While these are fantasies that women like to get involved in at times remember most of the time it is just fantasy. They use the scenarios to heighten their orgasms. So be careful to never push your partner into something they really don’t want to do
Dale Mazurek

Dale has been married for twenty years and considers himself somewhat of an expert on topics that can affect relationships. You can check out his interactive relationship blog at also check out two more of his blogs that are getting rave reviews. and

Friday, April 6, 2007

Is Your Man Insecure And Jealous

Jealousy can be the destruction of a great relationship. Jealousy is usually brought on by some sort of insecurities in a man. In this article we will take a brief look into what brings on insecurities to a man.

He finally has the girl of his dreams. She is the hottest on the block. You can’t stop thinking about her. Every time the two of you are out together you keep her close to your side. You look at the other guys carefully to make sure none of them are going to try and move in on your girl. You constantly think every other guy is trying to take her away from you. When the two of you are apart you have to call her all the time. If she tells you that she’s going out with friends you always think the worst. Instead of it being girlfriends like she said you think she is secretly meeting with old boyfriends. This of course sends you into a jealous rage.

1. You have to always be around your girl. Your there to give her anything she needs. You are always buying her stuff with little letters attached. Instead of using your time to build the relationship properly you’re devoting all your time to being over protective. You turn the relationship into a one sided control issue. You always have some sort of excuse as to why the two of you should be together. It’s gotten so bad that even her girlfriends are questioning whether this relationship is for the right reasons.
2. Do you even realize that you are doing this and do you know why? You have probably had bad relationships in the past. It’s going to take you a long time to believe in loyalty, trust and honesty again. You want to make sure that the past failures never happen again. So it doesnt matter what she likes you promise yourself that you will do anything to make this work. In turn you don’t even realize that you are doing more harm than good.
3. A big reason for male insecurity stems from the bedroom and correlates from the deficient size of a man’s member. Big or small lots of men aren’t happy with the size of their member. They always think it has to be bigger to make the relationship succeed. Because if they think they can’t please their lady then they have to substitute it with something else. This reason alone explains the lucrative business of penis enlargement.
4. Another reason for insecurity is finances. Men feel they have to be making enough money to take over the world. The more they can spend on their lady makes them think they are more desirable. It makes them feel like the woman will want to stay for this reason.

Men are no different than women when it comes to certain needs. Men just want to be loved, cared for and pampered. They need to feel important and respected by their lady.
So as a man what can you do to overcome these insecurities? First of all you have to learn to like yourself again. Do an assessment on yourself and see what you come up with. Change your hair style, work on your looks. Go to the gym and work on your body. Try new things like going to a museum or to a play. If you want to keep this lady you have to stop your insecurities from taking over the relationship. You have to make sure you treat her with the same respect you want for yourself.

Dale has been married for twenty years and has seen everything in a relationship. Check out his interactive relationship blog at You can also check out a couple of his other blogs at and
Dale has been married for twenty years and has seen everything in a relationship. Check out his interactive relationship blog at another blog at or some insecurity help at

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

If Its Small Thats Okay

In today’s society there are a lot of cruel people out there that just can’t wait to hurt the next person they see. I don’t mean physically but rather psychologically. This has turned into a lot of stress and insecurity for guys with small penises. In this article I aim to just make you feel better about yourself no matter what the people around you say.

Guys suffer from several problems in today’s society that make them shy away from intimacy. Being short, receding hair lines, bad teeth but there is one problem that is very hard to overcome for many men. This one problem is probably the leading reason that men shy away from intimacy. The problem is having a small penis. Because of this guys don’t let them selves be accepted by women because in their minds rejection is just down the road. Having a small penis can create such emotional scarring that it will prevent a man from having any intimate relationships. No matter how much a man enjoys something he avoids it because of the embarrassment factor. Such things as going to the beach, playing sports that you have to change in a locker room for.

It doesn’t matter what the girl says because the guy always thinks the worst. He thinks that finding a girl with a small penis is absolutely impossible. Most guys even think its worse then having bad hygiene. Patterns of shyness, suspicion and distrust are usually created through out their lives that making decisions on anything is usually affected. Social and private lives are ruined because of the guy’s beliefs. He doesn’t let anyone get too close because of fear that some one will find his secret out and expose him to the world.

As a man with a small penis you just have to get over it. You need to have relationships so you just have to decide if this is a good enough reason to wreck your life for. You can’t compare yourself with porn stars and body builders. Would you compare yourself to Wayne Gretzky if you scored three goals in your hockey league? There are plenty girls out there who are looking for a fun, loving, caring and open relationship and to her the matter of your deficit will not be an issue. You have to learn to trust the people you care about in life. While there may be jerks who may make your life miserable it doesn’t matter because you know that these aren’t the people you want in your circle of friends anyway.

So the next time you turn this into an issue just remember out of the people you care about its probably just you creating your own problems. Just remember that friendship and love comes first.

Dale Mazurek
Dale has been married for twenty years and considers himself somewhat of an expert on topics that can affect relationships. You can check out his interactive relationship blog at Another fun blog is Dales suggested site for men to find help

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Take Care Of Your Heart

When a new disease like aids came out it was all anybody was talking about. It was water cooler talk for a few years. However this disease is the one we should be talking about. The disease I am referring to is heart disease. It is the leading killer of men and women around the world. It is such common place for heart disease today that it seems like we have just decided to accept it rather then fight it. Everyone knows some one that has high blood pressure, had a heart attack or has some kind of cardio-vascular program. Guess what I don’t know anyone with aids. So let’s start taking this disease serious, stop pushing it to the back burner and start fighting back.

In this article I am going to attempt to bring to light the three most common causes of heart disease and work with you so that together we can fight against this terrible disease.

1. Why Do We Smoke

I shouldn’t even have to talk about this but I will. Smoking is a lifestyle choice that we should avoid if we value our health and life. Smoking is the leading cause of high blood pressure which in turn leads to strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, cancer and several other diseases. We have all heard the smokers say that smoking helps calm me. How can you be calm when you are deliberately adding a life threatening addiction to your lifestyle? Not to mention the amount of money you spend and how terrible you smell in a crowd of non smokers.

2. Moderate Your Alcohol

We have all heard that a glass of wine every couple of days is actually a good thing for your health. I can accept that if it is only a glass now and then. The problem comes into play when alcohol is consumed in excessive amounts. It raises your blood pressure never mind the damage you’re doing to your liver. I am by no means telling anybody they have to stay clear of alcohol but by all means you have to take control of your life and if you think you are drinking too much then you probably are. Forget about the heart disease for a second and think about how many lives are ruined everyday because of alcohol. Whether it is drunk drivers or people who get violent when under the influence. It all comes down to choices. Can you make the right one?

3. Take Care Of Yourself

I am not telling everyone reading this that they have to start pumping iron and sticking to some fancy low carb diet or something like that. What I am telling people is that we all have common sense so we should use it wisely. Just look at your meals and decide if you are eating healthy or not. You will know. Food doesn’t have to taste bad to be good for you. Also when it comes to exercise you don’t have to be a member of a gym or do 5 hours of training a day. The main thing is to stay active. Take walks, play sports, do yard work. The more you follow this the better you are likely to feel.

Is it worth it to you to worry about stuff later in life? When we are young we all think we are bullet proof but from experience let me tell you we are not. These unhealthy lifestyle choices will catch up to us and we will be wishing we did things differently. By the time you are thinking that then it’s probably too late. So the next time you reach for that cigarette, glass of alcohol or the bag of snacks you should think about what it could do to mess up your future and the future of your friends and family.

Dale Mazurek

Dale has been happily married for twenty years and considers himself somewhat of an expert on topics that can affect relationships. You can check out his interactive relationship blog at Also check out these two blogs that are getting rave reviews. and

While I am not a Doctor I am a person that has been personally affected by heart disease in my family. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep yourself healthier so I hope these few points can help you lead a better life and be around with your family for a very long time.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Is Your Girl Faking (Part 2)

The statistics that I read say that 70% of women fake orgasms. So I guess that means there is a good chance that your and my girl are faking as well. What are we doing wrong? Maybe she’s not comfortable with us or maybe were just not doing something right. Faking doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying it just means she’s not enjoying to her full potential. So how do you know if she’s faking? I am going to tell you. In this article I am going to tell you why she might be faking it.

So why is it that girl fake orgasm? I am going to try and enlighten you.

1. Probably the main reason girl’s fake orgasms are because they have never had one. That’s right many girls have never had an orgasm. I hate to tell you this men but it’s usually your fault that the women haven’t had an orgasm. You just want to be quick and get done instead of taking care of your lady.

2. Some women have different body types that don’t allow them to produce enough lube or they have very thin vaginal walls. Both of these will make a woman sore very fast. In turn there usually isn’t enough time to have an orgasm before getting too sore.

3. The last one that I think is terrible because it is usually the mans fault is that she thinks if she doesn’t have an orgasm every time then she is going to upset you. That’s not fair to the girl. It puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on the girl and a lot of strain on the relationship.

So now the important part is to get her to stop faking. In order to do this you are going to have to be open with her. The two of you have to carry on good conversation together. You as a guy have to learn to understand why she does it and what you can do to help her. Sometimes all it takes is to be a little more caring and gentle and then everything will fall into place.

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You hear lots of people laugh or shy away when you bring up the topic of faking orgasms but in a lot of cases this isn’t a laughing matter. It can ruin relationships or make couples very angry at one another. I have written a two part article with some of the basics on faking an orgasm