Sunday, August 12, 2007

Man Confidence

We know that women love their men strong and confident. They love a man that will embrace them and someone who can admit to his mistakes. This article is meant to make issues about men’s confidence a little clearer.

Confidence can only start with right attitude and positive thinking. You have to work on insecurities instead of letting them affect your everyday life. First and foremost you have to believe in yourself because how can you show confidence if you don’t have self belief.

Two many guys deal with what ifs. You can what if everything you do but living like that will just get you depressed. You have to watch your own confidence so if it’s lacking then you have to work on it.

First of all appearance does matter. That doesn’t mean you have to attain Hollywood looks to have confidence. Boyish good looks, magnetism, or big bulging muscles isn’t all it has to be. The important part is to look neat and tidy. Let your charm radiate from within. It really is the simple things that count. Make sure you open doors for girls, get a cab for her. You can be a knight in shining honor with out a white steed.

Another thing to remember is that girls like bad boys. I don’t mean bad boys through criminal behavior but more through mystery and excitement. These kinds of guys are just happy to be themselves. They don’t need approval to be liked. Bad boys exude confidence, individuality, and masculinity.

Guys without confidence are always looking for approval from women. They always act needy and desperate. Guys like this don’t have the confidence to build a relationship so they try and buy relationships with expensive gifts and taking the girls to classy restaurants. Well this might be nice it’s not what women are really looking for in a man.

Women just want a man that’s not scared to show his feelings or to share their feelings. She wants someone that will listen and someone who will give her a hug. Sex is important but any girl would put sex second if she has a strong guy who will be there for her

Dale Mazurek

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