Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Makes A Great Lover?

Most men don’t have a clue as to what makes a great lover but one thing for sure is that they do want to be great lovers. In this article I hope to clear some things up on how to become a great lover.

Woman love to be able to tell their girlfriends great things about their lover after the first time. So what is it going to take for the girl to feel that way? The first thing and probably the most important is that woman like to be listened to. Communication is the key. Women are likely to feel a whole lot better if they know the man they are with is focusing on them. Women don’t feel like just another body if they know their date is paying attention to them.

Women know that a great lover is a man that truly likes woman.

If you want to get your woman in the mood then the thing to do is take it slow. Women like to be touched gently. They like to be kissed and touched very slowly. If you try to go straight to sex then chances are good that you’re going straight out the door. For the most part this as absolutely not the way to excite and stimulate woman.

A great lover knows pretty much everything about the female body. He will know that most woman love gentle bites on their neck and throat. He also knows that gentle hair pulling is quite a turn on for most women. He also pays attention to his mate during sex. He listens to the sounds of his lover or the sounds she doesn’t make.

A woman remembers her lover when he treats her like a real person. A lover who will talk to her after. The bad part is that most men don’t know how to communicate after the love making process.

So next time your on a date really try listening to her. Enjoy her smile. It’s so important to talk and get to know her. Don’t worry if the two of you are going to have sex or not but instead enjoy her company. Make sure you make all your moments together feel like special ones. If you do this you will make her feel special. In this manner she will want to spend time with you. These are the first important steps to becoming a great lover.

Dale Mazurek


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