Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long distance relationships.

It's very hard to be in a long distance relationship for obvious reasons and one of the main attributes you have to aquire, along with patience and perseverence is trust. This can get a tad bit difficult though when you are so far away from each other and miles or an ocean split you in half. The fun side is though knowing that at least in this big wide world there is someone who is thinking of you, evne through the rough timese, even when they can't see your face or hold your hand. This in itself can be looked on as a great blessing and comfort and as I am experiencing my own long distance trauma I think of all of those couples that will be apart for this Valentine's day just like we are going to be and I hope they can drwaw a little comfort from this one simple thought.


Nicey said...

Hang on in there if its meant to be it will !!

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