Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Save your identity!

Now with the rise of credit card fraud, identity theft and other forms of internet crime people are getting worried about the event of getting their private data or money stolen by criminal gangs, hackers and scammers. Did you know that one in five families fall victim to identity theft? Now is the timrging menace and you can do that now with the help of a company called Debix. has teamed up together with Loudsiren to bring you the best that sophisticated technology and communication can bring you in the way of credit card protection and the safety of your private data. Now through a communications network you will be alerted for each and every transaction that wants to go through your credit and if it is a legitimate transaction you can just tap in a pin number and let it go through, but if it is a bogus transaction you can stop it immediately and alert the Authorities that can catch the criminal and also prevent the crime from taking place. This not only protects you the Consumer but it also helps the Shop owners and other businesses to save themselves a loss of income on their end, thus killing two birds with one stone.
With this rate of interference in our privacy and the diminishing of our online safey and security, we owe it to ourselves to get Debix identity protection fast so we can go about our business in a secure environment and stress free.

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