Wednesday, September 12, 2007


How would you like to tour around London in Style but in an extremely cost effective manner? London Sightseeing coudn't be simpler and found at a very attractive and cost effective price. For the cost of entering only one of London's expensive attractions you can purchase The London Pass for only 10.80 sterling which will get you into 56 local attractions! This gives you huge savings and also a great privilage in jumping the queue at busy spots during peak hours, an extra perk added to the card.
Do you like museums?, Historic buildings? Or even tours around the city or perhaps a canal trip? This pass can offer you all this and more with all the convenient trimmings that go with just one plastic card. You also receive unlimited travel on London's Underground and bus networks. You wish one morning to visit St Paul's Cathedral and in the afternoon take a trip to The Tower Of London? All this is possible and free of charge with The London Pass. You can pay the one off fee for the card for 1,2,3 or up to 6 days of the duration of your stay, whatever is convenient to you and would be a must if you are also romancing a special guest or taking the family out on a special treat, leaving you more in your pocket for shopping in this wonderful city. Sightseeing around London would be frightfully costly and as a result not much fun without this wonderful card.

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