Sunday, December 23, 2007

Boats to go!

Donate my boat charities are becoming quite popular now and by donating your old yacht or boat you will not only save tax but wiull also be helping so many other people which makes this lavish gesture a win win situation for everyone concerned.
Even if your boat is no longer in good working order, the Donate Boat organization helps to alleviate your burden by taking your vessel off your hands and dealing with the all the towing away at no extra cost to you. The vessels are sold on Ebay and the money collected helps to fund children's projects and educational funding wordwide. Children's Animation DVDS are now available and distributed free to groups that really can benefit from the educational stories behind the fun video formatting. Thanks to both car and boat donations, many lives can be transormed and much good will is being passed around from products that are recycled and no longer needed by their benevolent owners.
The latest anti-drug movie is reaching it's theatrical debut and will sure be able to help many get informed, especially in schools, to help them make the right life choices and thus change lives.
So when you want to get rid of your yacht or boat, remember that many can benefit fromm it, including yourselves.

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