Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prevent stretch marks!

We know that a woman's nightmare the world over is to have a body covered ins tretch marks. These unsightly scars on the skin can cause all sorts of psychological traumas. There are also many companies out there that play on the emotions of these ladies and want to peddle all sorts of stretch mark creams that just don't do their job and also cost an arm and a leg to boot.
Now a practitioner in the Beauty Industry has written an interesting article that sets the spot light on ten case studies that were treated and what the results were. Actually there were four creams that topped the tables of good treatments but one cream in particular, the revitol stretch mark cream came up trumps in all the tests and considering the price, is a bargain compared to all the over priced produscts on the market that don't even do the job they are supposed to.
You will find very informative the information about stretch marks and why and how they happen and what they do to the skin so you will get a more well informed idea as to what stretch marks are all about as well as what works and what doesn't. You, the Consumer, have a right to know before you go to spend your hard earned money what can help you in order to make that decision to get the right treatment that suits best your requirements.

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