Monday, July 2, 2007

Fitness To Help Your Intimate Life

Fitness to help your intimate life is the latest craze in society. In this article I hope to give you a few pointers on keeping your body a bit healthier thus keeping your intimate life healthier.

Today’s culture has put a huge emphasis on fitness to improve intimacies. It is of course a great idea but in the real world it’s not as easy as it sounds. There is a ton of hard work and dedication that’s involved to make this happen successfully. Whether you’re the gifted athlete or the all night partier you are going to want to read this. The concept really isn’t that hard. Your intimate life is directly related to overall health. This means that if you abuse your body you are abusing how you might perform intimately.

If you’re a man and you want to maintain a great intimate life then you have to learn to take care of your body. Cardiovascular health is the most important because your intimate life depends on healthy blood flow through the body. I know you won’t stop eating junk food but it and foods high in cholesterol should be kept to a minimum. Something’s that you want to stay away from all together is tobacco, large amounts of alcohol and recreational drugs.

Of course smoking introduces nicotine into the body which in turn constricts your veins and arteries. This will make blood flow slow down. With less blood flow it’s a lot harder for a man to maintain the needs for intimacies. Too many men, especially younger men think they can abuse their bodies with alcohol, drugs and junk food and suffer no setbacks. Unfortunately guys you are not bullet proof. These kinds of actions are sure to cause negative consequences, especially in the bedroom.

If you have a few more pounds on you than you really need then you should seriously thing of getting rid of them. Just by doing this you can enjoy intimacy well into your later years of life. Men who engage in physical activity keep their blood flowing which keeps their heart strong. It also helps to produce testosterone. More blood flow to the pelvic region can be maintained by the proper exercises. You can work out the lower part of your body including quadriceps, hamstring and your lower back.

Many things to avoid in order to maintain a healthy intimate life are stressful situations, unhealthy foods, long work days and various drugs. All these thing lower your body’s willingness to perform healthily. Remember while we are abusing our bodies we are also getting older. So combining these two things and you can be assured to have no intimate life by the age of 40. So the only person who can remedy this situation is you.

Dale Mazurek

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