Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is Bigger Always Better?

Forever people have been asking the question, “Does size matter?” Men and women both ask the question. Most men are forever obsessed with the size of their penis. They explore many different ways to build the size of their penises. The penis enlargement business is one of the most booming. It offers many different remedies for penis enlargement. Creams pills, patches, weights and even mechanical devices and in rare cases surgery is even performed.

There are so many misconceptions out there. Men with larger organs are more manly and better in bed. Then of course there’s the opposite. Small penises make you less of a man and at times is even associated with impotency.

I don’t think most of you will be surprised when I tell you that the average penis size is not twelve inches. We have to remember that adult male movie stars do not represent the average male. If you are very well endowed it’s because of one of two reasons. One is you were very lucky or you have undergone some sort of penis enlargement procedure. In actuality the average penis size is 5.4 to 6.3 inches erect.

Women are forever telling us that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual pleasure. Width is usually more important in the long run. The secret is hitting the woman’s g-spot which is only about two inches inside the upper walls of the vagina.

Near the entrance of the vagina and anus are the nerves that are stimulated during love making. Girth is much more important here then length. A thicker penis stretches out the vaginal or anal walls stimulating the nerves. This creates friction that most women love during intercourse.

Everyone is different so of course everyone’s preference is going to be different. Because of the reason above women do prefer wider but not necessarily longer penises. What you have to remember however is that it’s not all about the male member. Women seek intimacy. You have to connect with them emotionally. Remember to buy them flowers, give them massages and light candles. If you have a girthy member that will usually count for something but you probably won’t even notice it.

Remember sex is more than just penis. You have to try different positions. You can incorporate toys into your love making. You have to identify her erogenous zones and develop ways to stimulate her. Remember that the penis is actually a small part in the whole big picture when it comes to love making

Dale Mazurek


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