Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kissing Is An Art

A kiss is about the best feeling in the world and a topic I can write about over and over again and always bring something new to the table. In this article I am going to describe how kissing is an art.

You are not born a good kisser. Kissing just like anything else needs education and practice. There are definitely worse things in life to do than practicing kissing. In this world there are many great things but nothing is better than a great kiss. The feelings you experience after a great kiss is almost unexplainable. I have written many articles in the past about kissing but none so detailed on different methods.

There is nothing like a dominating kiss. A kiss like this will knock her off of her feet. This is the special kiss that should be used when you haven’t seen your partner in a long time. This is also used as a surprise kiss. There is nothing that drives a woman crazy like the element of surprise. It also can be an outlet for all your sexual frustrations.

When you are kissing her let your hands roam and explore areas that you can. Make sure to stay away from private areas however because this is a kiss. You can think about your next moves later on. This may seem a little off topic but it’s probably one of the most important things I am going to tell you. Before you kiss her make sure your breath is okay. If you have any doubts then go and brush your teeth. You wouldn’t want to kiss her if she had bad breath so why would you expect anything different from her.

There is the explore kiss. You need to spend some time getting to know her mouth. By doing this it shows that you are more interested in her than just getting into her pants. New ways to excite her can be great for both of you. Good for you because you are learning more and more about her. And great for her because she loves the attention.

The good night kiss can be very special. You can take this a little further by running your fingers through her hair and reminding her that you love her. She will go to bed dreaming about you and what could have happened through the night.

Now there is the something special kiss before you go to work in the morning. Make sure you smile at her when you tell her that you will think about her all day long. This will keep her thinking about you all day. These kisses can also be used to see where things are going later. If she kisses you back romantically then maybe there is a chance the kiss will lead to more. However if she kisses you back very quickly and talks about the bills that need to be paid then you know maybe the chances aren’t so good.

A kiss holds great power when it comes to woman. With the right kiss you can make her melt in your hands. Affection is so important and there is no better way to show it then with a kiss. It’s a great quiet way to say I love you.

Dale Mazurek

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