Friday, July 20, 2007

How To Get Clues That Your Partner Is Cheating (Part 1)

Cheating can be one of the most devastating things that can happen to a man or woman in a committed relationship. In the next few articles I intend to bring you up to speed on some clues that you can watch for if you have any thoughts that your partner may be cheating.

Let’s go back to the beginning of a relationship. What really happens before two people decide to get married? They have been dating and checking each other out. We all know that women do the choosing. Men respond to women’s signals and a relationship moves forward at a pace governed by the women’s appetite. So how does a couple who is totally in love and committed to each other end up in the predicament dictated by cheating.

1. You and your spouse have had all the children you want. The both of you sit down and decide a vasectomy is the best way to go. You have the simple operation and everything is great. About a year later you are looking for something in her night table and you find birth control pills that are being used.
2. Your spouse and you have always got along with each other’s friends. One day you notice that these friends are now acting weird toward your spouse. To me this gives me the indication that they know something about your partner that he or she may be hiding from you.
3. Forever you and your spouse have always talked about things that have bothered them. There have never been secrets in your relationship. Next thing you notice is that your spouse isn’t talking to you and definitely isn’t confiding in you.
4. You’re going through your internet bill one day and you notice there is a new email account added to the bill. You had no clue there was a new email address. When you ask your partner about it they just tell you that it’s not important but they don’t offer to show you.
5. You give your spouse a kiss before he goes to work and you notice he has your favourite cologne on. You are very happy that he’s wearing it. When he gets home you give him a kiss and you notice that he smells like different cologne.
6. Your partner has never had any interest in going to the gym but all of a sudden he or she has a sudden interest in taking on many, many vigorous work outs at a gym across from town.
7. Your both sitting on the couch one evening watching a movie and all of the sudden you hear a phone ringing. She looks a bit confused when she reaches into her purse to shut the phone off. When you ask her why she didn’t tell you about the phone she claims that she just forgot about it.
This is part one of a short series on clues that your partner is cheating. By all means you can’t take these clues as gospel. Before doing anything rational I would suggest waiting for the rest of the articles to come out and even then I would be careful before accusing someone of something you don’t have proof of.

Dale Mazurek

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