Sunday, July 29, 2007

Long Distance Relationships

Probably one of the most difficult relationships in today’s society is the long distance relationship. First of all jealousy isn’t going to work in this sort of relationship. Expectations have to be established at the very beginning. This has to be done honestly and openly. It’s also very important that you live your own life when you’re apart.

When the two of you are apart its very important you don’t change your lifestyle. You have to continue going out with your friends. The biggest mistake you can make is sitting by the phone waiting for the call. Doing this will definitely drive you crazy.

Probably the biggest thing in failing a long distance relationship is jealousy. If you’re always worried about where your partner is and what they are doing then you’re setting yourself up for a very painful fall.

It’s important that we remember we are human beings and not robots. We crave passion and closeness with other human beings so is it really fair to ask either one of the partners to remain exclusive. You’re basically asking each other to be miserable while apart from one another.

To me a relationship is a relationship. I don’t care if your together every day or apart for months at a time. There should be no give when it comes to exclusivity. If you two care about each other enough you will make it work until you can be closer together for good. The key to any relationship is being open and honest. If you follow these two keys and you both care about one another then this kind of relationship really can work.

Dale Mazurek

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