Monday, March 26, 2007

How To Make Foreplay Work Better (Part 1)

Foreplay is probably the most important part of the entire love making experience. Foreplay is the actions that come before intercourse. Men or women, it doesn’t matter, foreplay is used for arousal, making the experience better and to add variety into your sex life. This article will be broken into two parts. One will be dedicated to the men and the second to the women.

1. What He Can See Will Help Him

Men love visuals. Let him see your naked body or you in sexy clothes. You might want to do a dance for him to bring out some fore play fantasy. There is also nothing wrong with a couple watching adult movies together. The biggest thing to remember is that this doesn’t have to be ugly. It can all be done very stylish.

2. Kisses Will Work

Go ahead and kiss your partner all over. You want to do this very slowly and romantically. Kiss his chest, arms, back and stomach. The change in temperature on his skin from your kisses will help to heighten his arousal.

3. Show Him Whose Boss

It’s okay for the women to take control during foreplay. Men don’t always like being the boss. With the women taking control it shows the men that they are just as interested as the guys. When both partners are just as interested it makes the lustful experience that much better.

4. Guys Love Touching

Especially during love making guys love to be touched. They love to be touched on their utmost private places. Give your partner a long massage. Take the time to scratch up and down his arms and back. You will be surprised to find out what a turn on this is for men.

5. Teasing Him Is Okay

It’s okay to tease your partner until just before he goes over the edge. You’re going to want to let up at that point until he settles down enough to do it again. Keep doing it until he can’t handle it any more. This will make the eventual love making an experience to remember.

This is a simple list of tips that can possibly help you and your spouse in the bedroom. This by no means is meant to be tacky or dirty. Every day millions and millions of couples make love without foreplay. Don’t be scared to add foreplay to your bedroom experience and see what it does for the entire love making experience.

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Love making and foreplay if done right is probably the most satisfying experience in the world. In this article all I strive to do is supply the readers with a few tips into helping this experience.

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