Thursday, March 15, 2007

Relationship Tid Bits (Cold Feet Part 1)

Ok now you have asked her to marry you. She’s the greatest girl in the world and there is no one you would rather be with. You’re at the football field playing some touch football with your buddies. You hear your cell phone ring and guess what? It’s the girl of your dreams and she is panicking on the other end. You are immediately scared that someone has been hurt or something but no one’s been hurt. Your fiancé called you in a panic, interrupted you just to tell you that the caterer called telling her that chicken wouldn’t be available for the main course and that they would have to choose between beef or salmon. You can’t believe she called you for this and to make matters worse she is going off the deep end because of something so trivial. You tell her that you guys will discuss it when you get home later and you hang up and head back out to the field.
Now you’re back on the field and all of a sudden the back of your neck feels sore, you feel a little dizzy, your palms start sweating. You know there’s something wrong. You think you might be having a heart attack or something. You tell one of your buddies and he immediately starts laughing. You’re angry because he doesn’t seem concerned at all. You want to kill him but he stops you and tells you that he heard your conversation. He’s still laughing when he tells you that the only thing wrong is that you have “cold feet”
You know you love her, you asked her to marry you but now you’re second guessing yourself. Not because you don’t love her but because you are scared out of your pants. You have so many questions that you can’t answer. Will I be a good husband, do I want kids, will I be a good dad, swill I be a good provider, can I afford to be married? Now your head starts spinning again.
That’s right; you have “cold feet”. Cold feet afflicts men more than women in the weeks and months prior to getting married. For the most part the couples usually work it out and just have a good laugh about it later. However there is the rare occurrence when cold feet stops the wedding all together because one of the partners decides he or she just can’t handle it. It all seems funny but cold feet can be very serious in the outcome of a person’s life. Lots of money spent and wasted not to mention the feelings of the person that gets left standing at the altar.
In my two part miniseries I will try and show you how to avoid or work through cold feet. It is one thing to laugh at but I would suggest anyone suffering from cold feet have a look at this. It could help you work through it to carry on with a wonderful and prosperous relationship.

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