Thursday, March 22, 2007

How To Make Your Relationship Succeed (Part 3)

Hello everyone. By no means do I profess to be an expert in relationships but the one thing I do have is a very successful marriage of twenty years. Through those years my wife and I have had to work through several trials and tribulations. We could have very easily given up but the both of us took our vowels very seriously. That hard work has brought us to a point in our relationship where we know everything will be just fine. I will share with you some of the small things that have helped us to make our marriage last. This is part three of a small three part series.

17. Remember sometimes you have to take time for yourself. You would be surprised what 45 minutes would do for your temperament. The key to this is understanding your partner when they need this time.

18. Everyone is going to argue. That’s a given. However you have to learn to argue properly. Your trying to resolve issues not hurt the other person. So if you don’t want to hear it then don’t say it.

19. You want to reinforce your love so one good way to do this is give lots of hugs, smiles and kisses. At least four to one. For every negative aspect give four positive ones.

20. You guys have to learn to work together. Sometimes this means you don’t get everything you want but that’s okay. You have to learn to negotiate.

21. Usually what you married is what you get. Time to face facts. You’re not going to make your partner change. So as long as their characteristics are not harmful to the marriage then learn to live with them.

22. Sometimes people will make mistakes. After all we are only human. You have to be able to forgive your partner. If it’s so bad that you can’t forgive them then maybe it’s best for both of you if you guys go your separate ways.

23. Marriage should be forever but that doesn’t mean things will stay the same forever. You guys have to keep an open relationship so that there are no surprises when one of you has a different opinion on something you did five years ago.

24. Sometimes you have no choice. There just is no making things better. Maybe there are drugs or violence involved. There comes a time when you might just have to say that enough is enough.

25. Lastly, we don’t have counsellors for nothing. They have saved many a marriage. Don’t look at going to a counsellor as a failure but rather as an admission that you want the marriage to work but you need some help.

These are very simple tasks to put into place and follow. I cannot guarantee these will make your relationship perfect but if the relationship was meant to be then these will just show you that much sooner.

Dale Mazurek

This is part three in a 3 part miniseries on how to make your relationship succeed. All the answers are not here but if you follow these tips it can make your relationship much healthier.

Dale is presently working on getting his first novel published. He has been married for twenty years and is a self taught expert fisherman for the last 35 years. You can find some of his incredible stories at his blogs.

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