Friday, March 30, 2007

5 Needs Of A Relationship

Does anybody know what they want out of a relationship? Do you know what you’re looking for in a partner and what needs need to be fulfilled? Most of us get scared and mixed up when we start thinking about what we are looking for when trying to pick our significant other. But once you think about it for a while you should come up with some good ideas. I will go over what I think to be the 5 most important needs.

1. Physical Partner

You need a partner to help you with your physical needs. Man or woman it doesn’t matter. We all have physical needs so when thinking about that person you have to figure out if they can take care of your physical needs and you take care of theirs.

2. Partners Have To Be Friends

Through out you life your going to have lots of highs and lots of lows. You want to have someone that you know you can count on during these times. Someone that will listen when times are tough and someone to help celebrate when things go well.

3. Is Everything There

Your partner has to make you feel 100% fulfilled. Fulfillment is hard to explain but when the time comes you will feel that the partner you are with will be the one that can offer it to you.

4. I Want You As Mine

While a partner isn’t an object that you own you kind of want it to feel that way. If you need to cry or vent you have to know that your partner is there for you. They will support you in life know matter what. And you have to be able to support them. Both of you want to have similar romantic interests like taking long walks, going for ice cream or sitting by the fire.

5. Love Is Most Important

If there isn’t love then forget about anything else. People need love. I don’t care if its men or women. They both need to be pampered. They need to be treated gently. You should be able to voice your love for your partner. Love isn’t just a give but more importantly it is a need.

Okay now you know what you want out of your relationship and I am willing to bet that your partner wants similar things. The key now is to talk to your partner. The two of you need to talk about each others needs and see how things go from there. Just make sure you are honest with each other and things should work out.

In order for your relationship to work you have to know what you need out of it. I have listed what I think to be the 5 most important needs in a relationship.

Dale has been married for twenty very successful years and feels he knows what’s important in a relation ship. You can check out his interactive relationship blog at You can check out two other very popular blogs oh his. and

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