Saturday, March 31, 2007

How To Make Foreplay Work Better (Part 2)

Foreplay is probably the most important part of the entire love making experience. Foreplay is the actions that come before intercourse. Men or women, it doesn’t matter, foreplay is used for arousal, making the experience better and to add variety into your sex life. This article will be broken into two parts. One will be dedicated to the men and the second to the women.

6. Talk To Her

Women need you to have open and caring conversations with them. They need to hear the words out of your mouth. Don’t make the mistake of over embelishing your conversation. You just want to tell them that you love them or missed them and this will be the right direction into bringing her over the edge.

7. Hear What She Is Saying

Women don’t just want you to hear them but rather they need you to listen to them. They also need to hear you. They want to listen to you. They don’t want short answers to their problems but rather some one who will sit down with them and have an intelligent conversation. This might not seem very sexual but to women this makes for very intimate moments.

8. She Loves To Be Touched

Women love it when you touch them in non sexual ways. To them it shows closeness and security. You want to hold their hands or give them a hug. If they know everything doesn’t have to lead to bedroom activity then when it does that will be so much better. When you’re watching television and you play with her hair it makes her feel like you will be there forever.

9. She Loves To Kiss

Women love kissing. To them there is no more of a turn on then nice romantic kissing. You don’t want to get to crazy at first with the tongue action and what not. She will dictate what she wants and how hard she wants to be kissed. Slowly you can add more passion. The best thing to do when it comes to this is to follow her lead and she will show you how she wants to be kissed.

10. The Next Step

Of course we want the kissing to lead to the next stage but be careful not to get to forceful. There is going to be time between the kissing and the next stage but that’s okay. The more that you show her the love and caress the more turned on she will be. Women get very excited as well but they just show it in different ways.

This is a simple list of tips that can possibly help you and your spouse in the bedroom. This by no means is meant to be tacky or dirty. Every day millions and millions of couples make love without foreplay. Don’t be scared to add foreplay to your bedroom experience and see what it does for the entire love making experience.

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Love making and foreplay if done right is probably the most satisfying experience in the world. In this article all I strive to do is supply the readers with a few tips into helping this experience.

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