Saturday, March 31, 2007

Is Your Girl Faking (Part 1)

The statistics that I read say that 70% of women fake orgasms. So I guess that means there is a good chance that your and my girl are faking as well. What are we doing wrong? Maybe she’s not comfortable with us or maybe were just not doing something right. Faking doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying it just means she’s not enjoying to her full potential. So how do you know if she’s faking? I am going to tell you.

There are two major ways that a woman achieves orgasm. One is with clitoral stimulation and two is having their g spot worked. It’s usually one or the other but not both. You need to know what sends your girl over the edge. Chances are if you do something different and she orgasms then she is faking.

There are a number of ways to tell if your lady is faking her orgasm

1. You don’t want to hear porn movie sounds coming out of your lover. Remember those girls are doing it for the camera so if she is making porn movie sounds then there’s a good chance she is faking.

2. When the two of you are performing any sex acts and you decide to take a break for a minute and she keeps moaning, well you guessed it. This isn’t a good sign. It’s actually a good sign that she’s faking.

3. If the two of you are making love and she is having an orgasm then her PC muscle should go nuts. It should be gripping your penis like there is no tomorrow.

4. One last thing is that she should breathe heavy for quite a while after an orgasm. If the breathing goes back to normal almost immediately then chances are she is faking.

Now these rules don’t apply to all women. Remember everyone is different. However if you are seeing a lot of the examples above I would assume that she is faking. I don’t know about you but if my woman is faking I want to know why. Is it me? Is it her? Is it both of us? I will get into the whys in the next article.

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You hear lots of people laugh or shy away when you bring up the topic of faking orgasms but in a lot of cases this isn’t a laughing matter. It can ruin relationships or make couples very angry at one another. I have written a two part article with some of the basics on faking an orgasm

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