Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well since this is my blog I should probably put the first story in. I have a ton of them going way back but I am going to choose this one first. There will be many more to come.
How I Met Jackie
About 21 years ago some friends and I had just finished up a day of snowmobiling and decided that we wanted to go out for some pizzas and beers. At that time in my life I was a waiter in my small home town of Vegreville, Alberta, Canada. We decided to go to the restaurant that I worked at. When we got inside and seated the most beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed girl that I had ever seen walked up to take our orders. I couldn’t help myself and I told her that one day I would have her. I think I embarrassed her and made her angry all with that one comment. She immediately left the table and got someone else to serve us. Remember she didn’t know that I worked in that restaurant.
The next day I walked in for work and there was Jackie. When she found out that I worked there she immediately took a hate on for me but I was bound and determined to be with her. No matter how hard I tried she would never bite. In fact I think she hated me more and more each day. One time she did accept a ride home from me but she took me all over town and then had me drop her off at some one else’s house just so I wouldn’t know where she lived. I wasn’t going to give up.
Girls you are not going to like me for this but I want to tell the story accurately.
I decided to go out with another girl to make Jackie jealous. Guess what it worked. Almost immediately after I started going out with this other girl Jackie started to show me signs that she liked me. She showed huge signs of jealousy as well. Then one day she and I were walking down the mall together to flip the breaker on the big neon sign outside. The mall was dark and we were alone. Jackie pushed me up against the wall and gave me a kiss that was so full of passion that I think we both knew right then and there that we would be together for a long time.
Obviously I had to break up with the other girl and whether or not you guys believe it I did feel bad for her because she was a nice person but Jackie was the girl I wanted to be with.
Here it is about 21 years later and her and I are still together. Oh sure we had trying times and still do once in a while but we never give up on one another and I always tell her that I love her. That is my story on how I met my wife Jackie.
Dale Mazurek

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